Stayin’ Home Blues

I’ve finally managed to go to urgent care. I tried to get into an actual practice but you need to already be a patient of theirs. Well, I’ve only been here a month. Don’t have a primary care dr.  This will have to do. 

I have discovered that daytime tv is as bad as ever. Especially when you have the bare minimum channels. However I did see something interesting this morning. I’ve never seen Charlie Rose before. This morning he  had on Glen Beck. Now that I would normally make that my choice to watch, but it seemed like it might be more intelligent than the alternatives. 

I was shocked though, that my idea of who Beck is was kind of dashed, in a pleasant way, as he called Donald Trump a “sociopath.”  I think it shocked Charlie Rose too. But Beck said, have you ever seen him connect with anyone who can’t do anything for him?  Just say, I’m sorry I said all that stuff?”  He also mentioned that when Trump aligns with groups like the Klan, and white supremacists, you need to look at that and decide if that’s where you want to find yourself. 

Having been married to a man I consider to be a card-carrying sociopath, because he was incapable of feeling empathy for anyone, I totally agree with Beck’s assessment. It’s why I shut off the first 2 debates, and never turned the third one on. 

It was refreshing, to find a conservative man who could not back Trump. He doesn’t like Hillary either, but Trump is the one who scares him. It was a thoughtful well thought out interview. 

Other things I’ve found since being housebound for days. 1. I don’t like the way my microwave keeps alerting me that it’s done every 30 seconds. That’s irritating!!!  2. Along the same vein, my dishwasher for some reason has to sound an alert whenever it’s opened. As if I don’t know I opened it.  3. I can sleep when I’m not even tired.  What’s up with that?  I’m so used to not being able to sleep, even when I’m exhausted, and the last 2 days I’ve probably slept 15 hours a day. 

So, onward. I hope the dr can give me some help. 

Love and light, all. 


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