It’s A Good News Day

This afternoon I found a new, HUGE benefit to living in Florida. Supplemental Medicare is WAAAYYYY better here, because there are so many retired people. I bought supplemental Medicare in Connecticut with prescription drug coverage last spring. It cost me $100 a month, plus basic Medicare, and $18 a month for the prescription drug coverage. With those policies came co-pays and high deductibles.

I sent my prescription drug coverage a change of address form earlier this month. They called me last week to say that I might want to explore my options for supplemental Medicare as well, because it’s run by each state, and Florida has way more benefits for Medicare. So I made an appointment for today.

In the meantime, I got a letter late last week from my prescription drug coverage saying I had moved outside the area of coverage, and my coverage would be terminated….today. !!!!! Since I had the appointment scheduled with the same company today, I thought I’d let it slide til then. But it infuriated me….I thought, couldn’t they have told me THAT when they called me last week and scheduled the appointment?

The woman was right on time. She was very knowledgeable and personable. Still… She asked to see my insurance cards, so she could see what I had. She then presented me with 4 or 5 options for supplemental care and prescription care. Without going into a lot of boring detail, I am now getting supplemental Medicare for $0.00. Yes, ZERO monthly premium. I pay the primary care doctor NO copay. If I need a specialist it’s $30. I have dental, vision, and hearing coverage.

Prescription drugs are INCLUDED, for copay only. No monthly premium. I have two drugs which are about $400 each without insurance. I have been paying 20%, about $75-$80 for each. I will now pay $15. I also get $30 free health and wellness stuff, like supplements. I also get free membership to any gym in the network.

This stuff is NOT available in CT. I happen to live in the are with the 2nd highest number of retired people in the country. Apparently, we are mostly healthy. And we have a voice. So….I saved myself over $150 a month today! And on top of that, it will be effective tomorrow Nov. 1.

Wow!!!! I’m blown away. I mean, seriously, blown away. Not to mention, I like this agent, I like her demeanor. I feel sure that if I need to call her she’ll answer the phone. $2000 a year I just saved. I can’t wait to cancel the other policy tomorrow, lol. I couldn’t stand that guy as it was.

The man whose been trying to buy my boat slip up north texted me today that he intends to buy it before the year is up.

I bought a small bag of candy for any trick or treaters, but haven’t had any, so I doubt I will. Now I’ll have to give the candy away. It won’t tempt me because of the stomach issue I’m having, but I don’t want it hanging around the house.

It’s been awhile since I had a good news day, lol. Well, today was a really good one. I’d celebrate with a drink if I could have a drink. Lol.

Love and light.

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