Officially a Florida Resident

I am an official Florida resident now. Drivers license, car registration, voter registration card. And good Florida health insurance. Still feel like a New England girl though, lol. I still have not reconciled in my mind that it was 85 today on November 1, and I was dressed in summer clothes. My body still expects the onslaught of winter, and layers of clothes.

The massage therapist giving me a massage today said, “Oh this weather change bothers my joints….” I laughed. “What weather change, Mel? It’s still 85° every day!” LOL. She says she hates to see it get cold. I said, “Cold here is not cold. 10° is cold. Last week in Connecticut when it was in the 20’s at night and snowed, that’s cold. 50° is not cold…..”

I had a rough night last night, hard time getting to sleep. But I still stayed off the Ambien. My stomach was hurting again, somewhat. When I’m up late in the night, my mind usually roams back to past history, and that’s what precipitated the haiku “The End” late last night. I had some friends who were concerned, and wondering if I was repeating history, or in some new situation that was causing me issues.

Neither. Just rehashing stuff, and that’s what came out. I’m fine. Don’t want anyone worrying about me, I am much wiser than I was then. On to the next thing.

I found a health food store which is like a mini-Whole Foods today. I’m glad to know they are there, about 2 or 3 miles from my house. And they sell really good chocolate too, lol.

Tomorrow, providing I feel ok, I’m going to karaoke on the beach with my friends. Should be nice. I wish I could have a glass of wine, but I suppose I should be glad I can even go. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Time to go heat up some chicken soup. Boy, I’m getting pretty tired of it…..Chicken noodle, chicken rice, chicken broth, toast, crackers…..But I don’t dare risk eating anything else quite yet. Still really happy I made this move.

Love and light, everyone.

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