It’s The Little Things….

I am so excited. (It doesn’t take much….) I have crappy basic cable. Not much to watch ever. I also have streaming Netflix, but most of those movies are so old, I can’t watch them again. Or, they just aren’t my type. Additionally, I think my tv is set up for my son’s netflix and not mine. And I haven’t figured out how to switch it over.

I’d kind of forgotten that I can watch movies on Amazon Prime for free. I just went and there are a whole lot of recent movies of all genres that I have not watched!!!! I am so excited! I can watch some decent movies now instead of crappy tv, because I have a smart tv and my son, in his infinite wisdom and because he likes to watch movies, set my tv up for it who knows when. Anyway….

I am about to make some dinner and then sit back and watch a decent movie, hopefully, on tv, and then go to bed. I’ve had a strenuous day of listening to my friends sing at karaoke, which I don’t know if I can stand to do again, lol. They are good, but the others….ehhhh, not so much. And mostly OLD country music, Hank Williams, etc. I enjoy open mic night at the cafe a lot more. The music there is much more my genre. Though next week where I went today will be karaoke on the beach, not inside the casino, so that might be more fun. At least the scenery will be better. I think they live stream it to their fb page.

I really want to get out and get stuff done for my house, I am getting antsy with the waiting now for a dryer vent. I need to go pull a permit for a shed and see about getting a shed put in. I’ve been killing a lot of time lately, mostly because I’m not feeling that well, but I have some time in the afternoons that I can be productive. This bug really set me back, a full week of not getting much done.

My sister and I are going shopping in the thrift stores near her on Saturday. They are a little higher end clientele. I hope I can find my tv stand, and kitchen table. After that we will venture to Ikea, which is a trip in itself. She’s never been, it will be fun.

I’m trying to figure out how not to have to get a job, lol. I love not working so much. I feel like I might be able to actually sell some of my jewelry here, if I can actually set up a work space in my house and get productive with that. It would be nice to make additional income doing that, not working. And maybe doing reiki?

Starting to feel more myself again, even if just mentally, emotionally. The stomach thing still has me down a little physically, but I know it’s not forever. I can’t wait for my friends to start coming to see me, that will be so much fun.

The people who have lived here a long time are lamenting that it’s getting cold. I am laughing my ass off at them. This weekend it’s going to go down to, for heaven’s sake, 79°. Lows around 60 at night. And people are saying “I hate to see it get cold.” Seriously. They sure don’t know cold. I am still in my skorts (you know, those mini-skirts with shorts underneath) and flip-flops. T-shirts. It’s lovely.

So the moving in process shall resume. My goal is to have the house finished by the end of the year, or sooner. Then we’ll see about a job.

Well, off to my dinner and movie. Love and light, all.


5 responses to “It’s The Little Things….

  1. sorry you are not feeling 100% yet… but you are getting there. I know, isn’t not working just the best thing ever!!! I don’t even think about my old job, it is almost like I never worked there, really an odd feeling after 17 years! I’ll give you a call in the next day or so, try to keep warm in all that “cold” weather! It was warm here today, almost 60!! but yesterday morning it was a whopping 27! burrrrrrrr hugs, M.

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