Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoon, waiting for my friend from Daytona to come. We are all supposed to go to a poetry reading at this really old-style hippie place this afternoon. A friend, who has a masters in writing, teaches writing, and is a published author, who has taken up poetry lately, is doing the reading. I told him a few weeks ago that I was going, so we kinda have to show up at least.

I had a bad night last night. I fell right to sleep, fairly early, and then woke up around midnight and couldn’t get back to sleep. I forgot to bring my Ambien, and wasn’t going to wake my sister up at 2 AM to give me one. My stomach started acting up again around 4. I fell asleep finally around 6, but then a friggin Amber Alert went off on my phone at 7:30. How irritating. So I guess I wasn’t supposed to sleep.

My sis and I found a kitchen table, perfect size with 4 chairs and a leaf, if I want it to be bigger, for $120. It’s made of bamboo, and very solid. We painted the table black yesterday. It looks so good, and will look perfect in my kitchen. I brought the chairs home to paint them, and I have to recover the seats. But I’m very excited. Then all I need is a rug that goes with it. Next is a TV stand, and I think it’s going to be Ikea for that. Getting excite about having my house more together.

It was lovely to spend the day with my sis and brother-in-law yesterday, despite not sleeping well. We got the table home, put a coat of paint on it, and then got into the pool for about a half hour, then the hot tub for another half hour. She keeps it so nice and warm, the pool was around 90°. We had stopped for lunch at a little outdoor restaurant in the fishing village of Cortez, and had an awesome lunch. We all took half our lunches back to the house, and had the rest for dinner.

Their house has been my vacation destination for so many years. I would be counting the days until I could take the time off and come down here and stay with them, and now I can do it whenever I want!

And, I have a darling little bungalow of my own to come home to. So happy about all this.

So despite the lousy night’s sleep, I am having a great weekend. I will be glad to climb into my bed tonight though, and see if I can’t sleep a whole bunch. Until then, love and light everyone.


3 responses to “Sunday Afternoon

  1. Glad you are getting stuff done in the house and also having a good time with your sis. You really deserve this time to relax and do stuff in your own tempo. Am so glad for you! I will look forward to that time in my life too. 🙂

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