Dream the Dream

“You can’t cross the sea by staring at the water.” – Rabindranath Tagore

I just tried to write a blog about what that quote means to me. It is embroidered on a pillow I have on my bed. Rabindranath Tagore is a brilliant poet, and so wise. The blog I was writing turned into me realizing that I didn’t get here, to this life in Florida by staring at the task in front of me, but by going after it step by step. By not waiting until I had everything I wanted, but to just keep moving in a forward direction.

When I used to go boating, we’d often make a crossing that took hours, sometimes out of sight of land. We were always somewhat nervous starting the trip. And as the day went on, we became one with the rhythm of the sea, gliding up and down the swells. We’d get to our intended harbor, usually throw out the anchor and feel like we were far away from our regular life. Even if we were only 50 miles away. Maybe all that boating prepared me for the crossing or the ocean to get to Florida.

Sometimes, when you’re crossing that ocean, you look back longingly at the shore you left behind. The people, the places, the memories. You might pause. Then you have to remember, you can take most of it with you. At least, the friendships and the memories.

Another person said to me, when I was trying to decide if I was going to give my home buyers from hell another $5000 to keep them from backing out on the deal…. “You can always get more money, Deb, but you can’t get more time.”  Which reall y, was what I needed to hear to just let the house go.  I wanted the time, more than the money.

Too many of us stay frozen in time, fearful of moving forward, fearful of staying where we are. Dream the dream, is all I can say. It will manifest, as long as what you’re dreaming is reliant on you, and not the actions of other people. Trust in the universe to make it all work out in your behalf, in everyone’s highest good. The universe wants us to be happy, I truly believe that.

Just…..stop staring at the water, as if the other shore is unattainable. It’s not. Just point your bow in the direction of your dreams, and let the wind and water and the universe carry you.

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