Time For Healing To Begin

We’re all a little fearful today, I think. Fearful of the direction our country could take by tonight. While we will all probably be very glad it’s over, there will be new issues to deal with no matter who wins. And I’m praying it’s not the man who incites hate, and anger, and racism and every low basal emotion known to man.

But regardless, we will have to heal from this horrible election season. It is not unlike healing from a long abusive marriage, where one person seeks power and control through emotional intimidation. We have to, when it’s over, sit back and remember who we are, in our center. Somehow we have to trust in the Universe to bring this election to a conclusion that serves everyone’s highest good.

Healing will begin with ourselves, to heal the almost visceral reactions we have had to the things that have been said, and done. And then to spread only love to others, even those who we think least deserve it. They generally are the ones who need it the most.

Marianne Williamson says when someone betrays us, and this election feels like that on so many levels, what we should do is pray for them. Pray for them for 5 minutes every day, for 30 days. Then, she says, the alchemy will happen. Either they will change, or we won’t care. Or, perhaps we will change. Perhaps we will gain some compassion for the person who was so down, that he was taken in by a charlatan, just to feel some self worth.

Just like the Beatles said, Love is all there is. Love is the answer.

So at the end of the day, lets dig down past the fear, and find the love that’s at our center, and begin to heal the terrible schism our country has been thrown into.

Love and light, everyone. Really….love and light.


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