Election Night

I was planning to go out tonight. Mostly as a distraction from watching the election returns. I guess, seriously, I’m as scared as anyone else, about the prospect of Hillary losing. Let’s hope it’s not a reality, and she pulls a win out of it.

Florida is the state they seem to be focused on. Trump has to win Florida, they keep saying to win the election. The returns that have come in are very very early, so you can’t really tell yet. Scary, scary.

My day was quite ordinary. I got my dryer vent installed, I can buy the washer/dryer now. I got the paint to paint my chairs, I went to the store. I saw a friend this afternoon, we split a salad which didn’t agree with my stomach, but it tasted so good.

A while ago I wrote about my friend here who I believe is getting scammed by some guy online. It just gets worse, he is still hitting her up for money, telling her he’s going to get sent to Kabul if she doesn’t send it, and he’ll get beat up by his superiors, and sent out to the dangerous missions, and she actually believes this. Among other equally unbelievable things. I can barely stand to hear her talk about it. She has a notebook full of usernames and passwords for shit they are trying to do, and it’s all shady. My prayer is she does not do anything illegal, and does not somehow come into some money to send to him.

It’s starting to affect my friendship with her. I have said to her, “Do you REALLY think that if someone put a contract out on this guy (her “boyfriend”) that they’d announce it to you on Yahoo Messenger?” Come on….. And if you believe that, screen shot it and send it to the police…..

My other good friend here, who I met through the first one, also can’t stand to even hear about it any more. We both love her, she’s got a good, big heart, but why she would allow herself to be sucked into this stupid stuff which is so obviously a scam, I have no idea. And she’s a little angry that we can’t back her up.


I miss my peeps back home tonight. They all live in the real world.

Back to election returns. Hope the world doesn’t tilt on its axis tonight.

Love and light.


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