The Morning After


How did this happen? How did people become so fearful, so full of hate, that they could support this man? This is not the country I thought it was. I am now afraid for the future, for my son’s future. It won’t make me hateful. It won’t make me fearful of my neighbors, of those who are different from me. It will make me hyper-vigilant once again in my life, as lies, hate, egos, and deception are the order of the day with this man.

I just want to cry, at what looks like a very dark 4 years. I suppose, as I try to wrap my head around this, that love is the only thing that can destroy the darkness, still. And so….I’ll continue to spread the light if I can, and pray that there are enough sane men and women in congress that the damage he wants to do to us will be minimized.

Most of you know I was in a long-term, extremely emotionally abusive marriage. It took years to get out of it, but I did, and I recovered, and healed and created a wonderful life for my son and myself. Trump’s election makes me feel like I’ve been thrown back in to that darkness. Into the place where I have to figure out the truth based on the lies he tells, have to deal with the fear and misogyny and huge oversized ego and somehow maintain my equilibrium. It throws me into hyper-vigilance again. Just watching the debates was trigger enough, as he stalked Hillary, and talked over her, and called her names. I know that MO. I know that man, and I want to be as far away from him as possible. Now, sadly, it’s 4 years of a man for whom it’s all about power and control, once again.

And isn’t it sad, that Hillary now has the popular vote, by about 100,000 votes. But lost the election. Our election process is so f’d up. Really. That should not happen.

Canada’s immigration site crashed last night, they think in reaction to Trump’s win. That says a lot.

I’ve always trusted the Universe to direct things for the highest good of all. I can’t see how the election of Trump is good for anyone, but I guess that when it’s hardest to trust the Universe, is when we most need to.

My heart aches this morning. But still, love and light everyone.



8 responses to “The Morning After

  1. 4 years? Megalomaniacs won’t walk away that easily… The stock market opens in three minutes and this won’t be a minor correction… White uneducated men were his base and they had enough of women’s rights and other people’s rights in general… This too will pass but it won’t happen soon enough

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