Watching The Fall-Out

I’ve been watching the election fall-out fall out. I feel like something maybe has finally awakened the millennials, my son’s generation, to the fact that they too, they most of all, must be involved in the process that will lead our country. I am heartened by the spontaneous protests that emerged yesterday, many on universities.

It was reminiscent of the days of the Viet Nam war protests, when many of us boomers became aware. It is also a little scary that it does, because the violence so prevalent in our society today, was not, then. When 4 students were shot by National Guard at Kent State, it was horrific….it was the unimaginable. Today, we have been numbed to the loss of 4 lives, sadly. Though, the loss of lives at the hands of our own military because of our differences of opinions has never been accepted.

I have a feeling that unless Trump does something remarkably opposite of all of his campaign rhetoric, that once again, our country will be polarized, but in a much scarier way. That once again, our universities will be up in flames, as young, idealistic people are faced with situations they cannot accept. I saw the security in front of Trump Tower this morning, and wondered idly if we will become a militarized state, such as was seen in DC after 9/11, when tanks with rockets drove through the streets.

My sister and brother-in-law came over yesterday. They brought my newly painted table. They brought me a bed frame for my guest room bed, and we put it together, so I officially have a place for guests to sleep! My brother-in-law then fixed my fence, checked the electrical outlets in my bedroom that don’t work. He’s 82….and never stops. He took home the cushions and the fabric for my kitchen table chairs to re-upholster them. My sister and I went to Trader Joes, which is only about 15 minutes from my house. I haven’t been in so long. I love that store. Bought a jar of garlic stuffed olives…Dang they are so good.

My sister and I vented to each other all afternoon about the election. It was good for the soul.

Then they took me out to a French restaurant in town, and it was so fun, and so good. You would never know from the outside how cute and French the restaurant is inside. And we found out that they have a whole special room with a dinner theater on a regular basis. This town is constantly surprising me.

I had my first glass of wine in about 4 weeks last night, and it seemed to settle ok. I’ve cut back my meds to one a day for the stomach thing. Maybe another week and I’ll be normal. I went to my new primary care dr yesterday. My BP was 100/58. I told her, as she tightened the cuff on my arm, “Don’t be shocked, it will be low.” The dr said my current weight is very proportionate to my height, which is the first time I’ve been told that in about 20 years. Put a smile on my face. I told him that in the last 5 or 6 years, I’ve lost about 45, well almost 50 now, lbs. He’s going to run a bunch of bloodwork on me, and I’ll go back in about 3 weeks. I think he will manage my diabetes, so I won’t have to go to another dr. Happy about the direction of my health at the moment.

Tonight is open mic night. Really looking forward to hanging out with my friends here, sitting back and relaxing, especially after kind of being traumatized by Hillary’s loss and Trumps win. My life will go on. I’ll continue to make my little corner of the world a happy, peaceful place.

Love and light, all.


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