Back to Being Happy

Never let it be said that I never sang at the Mangia Gourmet Cafe on open mic night.

I had such a good time last night. The last person to sing was this woman who sings old-style folk songs that are really easy to sing along. At the end, she always invites everyone to come up front and stand with her and sing along, and lots of people do. So all my friends (who are mostly singers) did, and I felt more conspicuous not going up than going. So I went, and kind of stood behind and beside a tall man who is a friend of mine. And I sang along, and it was so much fun! The friend I was hiding behind kept looking at me smiling, laughing, “you’re SINGING!”. Everyone was teasing me after, “You SANG!!!!” It was pretty funny, but another girl who never sings was singing too. We had a ball.

We were all pretty happy. I think everyone wanted to sing away the election blues. It’s getting into season down here. The snowbirds, like my sister and brother-in-law, who only come for the 6 months of winter, are beginning to arrive. In this town, it doesn’t make a lot of difference, except that there are a few more people at venues like this. A few more cars in town. A few more people at the restaurants. The height of season is March though, and the times I came here in the last few years before I moved here, even then, it was not crowded. We like to think it’s Florida’s best kept secret. My new doctor lives here, and said that when he’s in the center of town, where I was last night, he feels like he’s in Key West, without the crowds.

Today my friend and I are going to make a bunch of banana bread out of all the bananas we were given by the Community Garden. And I’m going to finish painting my chairs for my kitchen table.

Tomorrow our other friend opens her show at an art gallery in town, and she’s showing 7 pieces of my jewelry as part of it, in conjunction with her own work. She had to show my stuff as hers, but if they sell, she’ll give me the money. That would be nice! So it’s a big shindig, gonna dress up for it and all. 5 to 9, at the gallery. If the jewelry goes over well, I may at some point register with them, and pay the $75 fee. Then I would have my own showing there. If I can get my house set up so that I have my workspace organized.

Yesterday, I thought it was going to be cooler (again) and had on jeans, and was hot. It was in the low 80’s. But last night I wore jeans to the open mic, and a jacket, and was grateful. It was actually cool, in the low to mid 60’s. My friend, the man I hid behind on stage, is from NYC and he remarked how it felt like a NYC autumn evening. And it did! Then, this morning! It was 58 when I got up!! It will probably get up to 80 today again, but perfect sleeping weather.

We were all talking about how when a southern woman says, with her deep southern drawl, “Oh bless your little heart.”, she it’s really not a compliment. That really it is the southern lady’s way of saying “F(uck) you.” This was coming from two southern ladies. I looked at them and said, “Oh, up north, we just say Fuck you. Direct and to the point.” LOL. My friend from NYC about spit out his water but nodded in complete agreement, lol. We don’t waste time, lol, or effort, and want to be clear up north I guess. LOL. It was all in good fun.

I need to go get my grocery shopping done for Thanksgiving soon. Maybe this weekend. My sis is having around 15-20 people! I have never cooked for that many, but between the two of us, it should be a breeze. I like cooking for TG anyway. It’s kind of fun, and especially to do it with my sister, for the first time ever.

Looking forward to a lovely weekend. It’s hard to let the stupid election keep me down, when life is so good here. Even though I haven’t changed my thoughts on it, I’ve realized I am very blessed with a rich full life here. Just gonna take care of my own corner of the world right now, and be ready when the time comes, to raise my voice again.

Love and light.


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