While I Wait for the Plumber…..

Ok….My toilet is backing up into my bathtub. It’s about as gross as it gets. The plumber is here, now, fixing. I hope. I am supposed to be going out to a big opening at a gallery in St. Petersburg tonight, for my friends paintings, and actually a few pieces of my jewelry are there too, under her name. She was allowed to bring jewelry, 12 pieces but didn’t have 12. So she invited me to put some in. Who knows, maybe I’ll make some money to pay the plumber.

However, in the meantime, I’d sure like to take a shower. So totally irritated.

This morning I was sitting in my nightgown and robe, and my friend the painter knocked on the door. I thought she was going to a craft fair where she had a booth last week. No, she said, she just decided to come over, lol. It was nice….Then about a half hour later, my other friend showed up. We sat out on the deck and had coffee and banana bread for awhile. I like when people don’t feel they have to make a big deal of coming over. I like my friends to be comfortable enough to just stop by.

I heard from my old friend Addie today, first time in a long time. I had kind of been wondering if he was still with his girlfriend, because he took down their picture as his profile picture on FB, and has not mentioned her in a post. He was camping for a few weeks, never mentioned her. Not that he ever mentioned her a lot, but did somewhat. Like, took a walk with her, or out camping with her…..

We texted back and forth, for a while, sending each other pictures of our houses. He’s redoing his house in Santa Fe, and of course, I’m working on my house here. Finally I asked him how was his son and his gf. Because he hadn’t mentioned them. But then he disappeared….has not answered that question.

I could read a lot into his not answering….but I’m not going to. I broke his heart a few times, because I was still in love with S. I love Addie, as a friend, and I hope all is well with him, but I don’t know if he’ll tell me the truth. And I don’t want to press him. I don’t want to make him feel pain that he’s trying to deal with. So I’ll let it be, and not try to make anything out of it. If he wants to tell me, he will. He’s always said he loves me…..equated his love for me to that of his son and step-daughter. One of his favorite people, he always said. I hope I still am.

So, it’s an absolutely beautiful day here. 78°, and bright sun. I’m still in flip-flops. Sitting here as the plumber tries to clear the bathroom drain with his snake. Good thing I have a plunger, he said someone took his off his truck.

Well, I hope he gets it fixed soon, I really have to go to the bathroom…..

Oh well. Nothing I can do but send love and light.


4 responses to “While I Wait for the Plumber…..

  1. Hey girl. You need to learn to pee in the woods. LOL Loser used behind my garage as his potty when he was too lazy to go in the house.
    Just make sure you don’t wipe with poison ivy…like my daddy did once.

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