Fixed, Thank God

$974.00 later, I have a functioning bathroom. I missed my friends opening, with my jewelry, at the art gallery in St. Pete. Not happy about that, but the plumber didn’t leave until 7. By the time I would have gotten there, it would have been less than an hour til closing. Honestly, the ordeal of not having indoor plumbing for a day exhausted me.

The plumber was a nice young man. I thought he was in his 20’s, lol, but no he was actually the father of a 16 and 17 year old, around 40 I’d guess. He replaced the flapper on the toilet too for no charge. He really had to work. But OMG, my house smelled so bad for awhile. I found out which windows can be opened, because I had to open them to get the stink out of the house.

Maybe tomorrow we’ll go to brunch at the local cafe, maybe not. It depends on when all of the rest of them get home tonight. They may go out for a drink after the galleries close, although they usually don’t want to spend the money.

I got my chairs finished on the painting. Other than that, my afternoon consisted of picking up, cleaning up, and worrying about if he was going to be able to fix the plumbing. He put one snake in, and pulled it back out to try another size head to ream the line. Then he put another longer one in. Each one took about 45 minutes, and runs electrically and is noisy. The last one finally broke through whatever it was that was blocking it. They’re going to come next week and put a camera in the line, though, because he felt there was something blocking it, maybe roots or something. So they will put a camera in the line, for no cost, and give me an estimate on fixing whatever they find. I guess it’s a good thing to do. It’s an old house with old sewer lines.

Like I said, the ordeal of the plumbing exhausted me. It didn’t help that it began to back up just as I went to bed last night so I had a hard time getting to sleep, knowing I’d have an ordeal in front of me today.

So the nice weekend I had planned was pretty much a bust, but I have tomorrow to turn it around. And really…..when you don’t work, one day is the same as the next. I’m just sorry I missed my friend’s event at the gallery. I’ll take my sis down there sometime in the next month.

Onward. Love and light.


6 responses to “Fixed, Thank God

    • Not exactly. I bought the house last March. We had it hydrostatically tested then, and they put a camera in the lines. But there’s a bend in the lines, and they told me they couldn’t see around the bend. They said, you may never need to fix it, or you might need to soon. It’s an old house, they just couldn’t tell. Lots of stuff is new on it, the roof, the ac the heat, the kitchen, but not the sewer lines.

  1. Glad you are making progress. My abundance of trees and old house issues requires me to poor a root killing product into my toilet every few months as recommended by my plumber to prevent back ups from roots squeezing into the pipes. Best wishes for clear pipes and good flushes!

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