No Supermoon Here :(

I’m a full moon junkie, really. I love the full moon. I won’t say it doesn’t affect me. I have been missing my peeps up north very much the last couple of days, which is why it was so good to talk to a few of them this past weekend. I don’t get depressed, or overwhelmed, or even crazy, except for wanting my friends and family around.

So…I’ve been looking forward to the Supermoon Full Moon tonight. I had plans to go the fishing pier, and watch the sunset to the west, and the moonrise to the east over the bay. We did it last month, and it was so lovely. We were going to take wine and some snacks, and just sit and enjoy.

The weather threw a fly in the ointment. It’s been bright and sunny and 80° every day except maybe 1 or 2 for the last month. Those days were still 80° but cloudy. So, add another cloudy day. It’s really thick clouds. And the temps barely hit 70° today. It actually sprinkled for about 5 minutes. So, of course, we won’t be able to view the supermoon.

Oddly enough, my friend that was going with me, got a migraine headache. Maybe Supermoon induced? Who knows. I will still put out all my crystals for recharging.

And of course, the rest of the week is predicted to be flawless.

I did get some good news today, for a change. My handyman came by to help me figure out if my washer/dryer outlet was on it’s own breaker. And it is. YAY! So I don’t have to pay to have a breaker installed. Gonna order my washer this week. And maybe have a washer/dryer in a week or so! Very excited about it. I’m going over to my sisters tomorrow to do the huge basket full I have right now. Hopefully, for the last time! Not that I mind going over there, lol. It’s paradise. Just hate to have to drag all my dirty laundry with me.

Guess I’ll go make myself a decent meal, and settle in for the night. Love and light, all.


4 responses to “No Supermoon Here :(

      • Hahaha! There is a lot of bad weather here. 🙂 But in the summer and in the spring, when we get those sunny days, it can be a very beautiful and peaceful place, especially in the countryside. 🙂 I am impressed you know our flag!! (Good) Summer days are exactly like what you describe, (Deep) blue sky and golden sun. I dont know why but we tend to get a very deep blue sky aswell as deep blue water here, it can look pretty great sometimes. 🙂

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