An Evening At Home

Last night I had a friend over to share some of the vegetable soup I’d made over the weekend. She lives a few blocks from me, so we get together often. She’s fun to be around. She’s from Alabama, but has lived here for 30 years. She has introduced me to most of the people I’ve met here.

I enjoy having her over because she used to sing in a band for a living, with her first husband. She is always introducing me to new and different music, and she knows the history behind it. She doesn’t have internet access at her house, so loves going on Youtube at my house, looking up old artists, and new ones.

Last night we looked up a lot of Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits. She asked me to print out the words to Cohen’s song, Dance Me To The End of Love. She wants to sing it at open mic night if she can get someone to play some accompaniment on the guitar. It’s such a cool song, with a gypsy-like quality.

One of the things that I have had fun finding out is that I’ve been able to introduce her to some music she hadn’t heard. I’m sure there’s no artist she’s not familiar with but they all have music she isn’t familiar with. I introduced her to Did I Ever Love You, by Cohen. I introduced her to one of my favorite Joni Mitchell songs, The Same Situation. I learn a lot listening with her, especially if there’s video, because she gets very into the theatrics of singing, the showmanship as well as the music itself.

After we ate, we got to talking about Cheryl Strayed, and her podcast “Dear Sugar” and her books. My friend had never seen her, so we watched her for a few minutes too. And Anne LaMott, whose book Imperfect Birds I’m currently reading. My friend has read a few of her books, but had never seen her either.

I told her about the book club I used to have, and how I’d like to start one here again. She liked the idea. I miss those once a month nights with good friends who are of the same kind of spiritual bent as me. So maybe we’ll be able to get something going. It would ease my homesickness for my people up north.

The Universe gives us what we need, doesn’t it? Crossing my path with hers has really helped me to get acclimated here, to meet people, to get involved in music, which I’ve always loved, but for reasons which would be another whole blog to explain, just moved away from it for a long time. I guess it was my relationship with S that got me back into it originally, because he and I would listen to music for hours and talk about it, he had hundreds of CD’s. I would say he was the main influence on my getting a lot of music I loved on my phone, reminding me of the beauty it adds to one’s life. One of the good things that came from that relationship.

Onward today. The plumber didn’t come to do his video of my sewer line yesterday. They called and rescheduled for this afternoon. I got my washer/dryer ordered yesterday, and scheduled the delivery on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. I’m so excited about that. Since the plumber didn’t come I spent a lot of time yesterday just moving things around, putting my things away, on shelves, etc. I got my newly covered seat cushions on my kitchen table chairs and I’m very pleased with the outcome! Making this house a little more my home every day. Things are moving along, slowly but surely.

It’s cool here this morning, 55° and will get up to 80° this afternoon. I am loving this weather. Don’t need the air conditioning, don’t need heat. Good sleeping weather. All is well at the moment.

Love and light, all.


3 responses to “An Evening At Home

  1. I’m flying east in a few days. A ten day vacation to see my grandson and son and youngest son. It might be cold there. Stay cool down there…

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