Money Worries Waking Me Up

I don’t know why I had to wake up so early this morning. 5:15. I didn’t go to bed until 11:30. I am exhausted. My friends want me to go to some venue and see another of our friends perform tonight. It’s out on St. Pete Beach, about 10 miles from here, and I’ll have to drive, because one friend doesn’t have a car, and the other has a beat up 20 year old car, so I always end up driving. Not sure I’m up for it tonight.

I have a hair appointment for noon today, to get my hair cut and highlighted, which I can’t wait for. I haven’t done it since early August. Maybe if I can take a nap after, I can be up for tonight. It would probably be fun. I would probably meet some people, and expand my circle just a little, which would be a good thing for me. I just wish I’d slept a couple more hours. I’ll just have to see how I feel.

Maybe it’s my plumbing issues that are keeping me up. They had a problem putting the camera down the line yesterday, because at some point the plumbing between my house and the cleanout takes about a 45° turn up, instead of going straight or even a 90° turn that would be easy to get by. He said the camera can’t be forced past that turn, so they can’t get into the sewer line between the cleanout and the city sewer line to see if there’s anything blocking it. It will cost $800-$900 to change that plumbing and put in a new cleanout, which is really old on this house. Once they do that, they can put the camera down the whole line and see if my banyan tree roots have gotten in it. However, the plumber didn’t think that was the case, because when he finally cleared the line, it didn’t bring up any roots. But if they find another problem between my cleanout and the sewer, then you’re talking digging up my back yard, and maybe a couple $1000 more. Of course, maybe they’ll find nothing. It could just be that the turn in my plumbing from the house is what was clogged. He told me in the meantime to use cheap thin toilet paper, and flush the toilet twice when I use it, to make sure the paper gets flushed through.

The prospect of throwing more money at the house is probably not helping me to sleep.

I ordered my washer and dryer for delivery on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. I will be so glad to be able to throw in a load of laundry when I need to. I really miss that.

Next I need a shed for my lawnmower, and a whole lot of misc. stuff that is currently in my kitchen, and my spare bedroom. After that, I need a gutter fixed, and some of the banyan tree limbs cut back that are too close to the house, and hang too low over the deck. I think that will be the end of my big expenditures. I guess I need to accept the idea that I may need to start looking for a job soon. Part-time. I sure don’t want to, it’s so lovely not working.

I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving, and spending some days at my sisters. I’ll get to walk the beach, go to sunrise at the town dock, sunset over the Gulf. Just hang out with my sis and her hubby. I’m going Tuesday night, and stay til sometime Friday or Saturday. I’d say it’s like a vacation, but really, my life is like a vacation right now, so it’s a beautiful change of scene, and the closeness of family that will be nice. Plus I love her friends, she will have 5 couple there. Of course, I’ll be the only single woman as usual. But I’m used to that. For 10 years, I have been the lone woman in a sea of couples with friends and family.

It looks to be another gorgeous day today. The bright sunlight is coming through my windows, even though I have the blinds drawn, it lights up the room enough not to need a light. It is cool now, at 7:30, but will warm up to the high 70’s, maybe 80. Can’t ask for much more than that, I guess.

This blog is me trying to work out whatever angst it was that woke me up so early. I think it’s just money. Maybe I’ll get back to making some jewelry after the holiday. Season is starting up here, and there are a number of shops close by that sell local artisans work. I think mine is as good as any of it in the price range I sell it in. I always thought I could practice Reiki here, which is one reason I became a certified master. Turns out that in Florida, you have to have a Massage Therapist License to do reiki for money. It makes no sense at all. Reiki does not manipulate anything in the touching of someone, it’s very similar to laying on of hands. But that’s the law, so I can’t make money doing that. Very disappointed. I’ll just continue to do it for my friends, but I never charge them, so it won’t make me any money to pay for all this stuff.

Onward, through the maze. Love and light, all.


One response to “Money Worries Waking Me Up

  1. A 90 degree would be worse than a 45… find another plumber. So many of them would love to tear up a big hole for a grand. They don’t do that anymore. They snake a steel cable thru and attach a four inch plastic pipe and it breaks the terra-cotta tile pipe as it goes to the lateral. No more digging…

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