Such a Fun Night

I just got home from the open mic night. It was so much fun tonight. Probably my favorite night so far. I got there early, because I picked up my friend who sings, (she doesn’t have a car) and she needed to practice a song with a guy who was going to play bass for her. While they practiced, I signed her up to sing, and then saved us some seats. They have one seat that is like an outdoor couch, wicker with cushions, very comfy. It is beside an outdoor gas fire with lava rocks. The fire was lit tonight because it’s a bit chilly. They had the big propane heaters going too. (This whole venue is outside.)

So I sat in the comfy couch, by myself, and waited for her and the rest of our friends to arrive. One of the guys got there, and stopped to talk to me. He’s a guitar player, also sings. Sometimes his wife sings with him. He said to me, “This place is my sanctuary.” I said, “Yes, I’ve been sitting here waiting for Beth and Tony, and I feel like I’m in my living room.” It is such a comfortable atmosphere. Maybe because I know so many of the people now, and call them my friends. They mostly sing, but they love the clappers like myself too.

The first guy who sang was someone new, at least, new to me. I guess he’s played before there. He sang some songs he’d written and one of them was about gratitude and it had some Sanskrit in it, that he had us sing a long with him.  Unusual

The second performers were a girl who had a Tibetan singing bowl, and he had some kind of drum which he said he and his friend make. It was rather odd, kind of space ship shaped but had some really pretty tones. They did “sound healing” for about 10 minutes. If you follow my blog you know I have been immersed in sound healing for years. The girl in this case did not really know how to play the bowl. It was nice anyway, but very very different for this venue.

Three of my friends got up after and did a kind of skit, like a radio program that was a total spoof, and so funny. It ended with the one who actually sings, singing a song. That was totally different. We were hysterical.

My friend Beth got up and did “Be my Baby” and had everyone in the place singing the chorus. She had three of the other musicians playing with her, like a band, except they were all just friends, who were just kind of jamming.

I met a new musician, who sang folk music mostly, and he sang one he wrote that was hilarious, about wanting to see his girl’s “O Face.” OMG, it was hysterical. He made a point of asking me my name, and singled me out for a comment he made while he was performing. I told him that I thought his set was fabulous.  Seems like a very cool guy. He lives about an hour from here.

Anyway, tonight my friends and I laughed, we had a glass of wine, we talked. It was just fun.

It’s so nice to feel part of the community. I’ve been learning so much about music of all kinds, and learning to appreciate the performances, and the theatrics of it. It’s so nice to still be able to sit outside without a coat. It was cool tonight, definitely jeans weather, and long sleeved shirts, but still, 60’s is heavenly for evenings, in November.

I talked to two of my best friends from CT last night and this morning. I have been really missing them.  These are people who’ve shared my life for 20 years. I can’t wait til they can find the time, and put the money together to come visit. I think they would love to go with me to open mic night. At least I have the guest room fixed so it’s usable, so that if they decide to come on a moment’s notice, I’ll have a bed for them to sleep in, lol. My son has been talking about coming to see me in January, but I think he may be getting promoted to manager of his own store in January, which will keep him from coming here. I miss him so much, so much. Even though we talk every day, I miss him so much.

Well, I always knew I’d miss my huge circle of friends from up there. But I guess I’ve been cultivating one here too. A year from now, hopefully I’ll have a large circle of friends here too. Tonight went a long ways towards making that happen.

Time for bed. Love and light, all.

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