After having such a hard day, I am much better tonight. This is usually the outcome, if I can just sit with it until it’s gone. Byron Katie’s voice was buried deep, but it finally came through. Is it true? Do you know beyond a shadow of a doubt it’s true? How would you feel if you didn’t have this story?

No, the thing bothering me is something I have no way of knowing if it was true, and I finally decided that until I could know, I would just let it be. And even if I knew, I’d let it be. The stories we can make up for ourselves are so destructive.

I went out with a friend to an art show. The woman who put it on teaches kids with disabilities how to paint. The show is theirs, the paintings are theirs and people buy them, many of them are quite good. A couple of our friends provided music, there was food, etc. Met some new people, and I had some fun. It was local, down by the beach. It gave me a lift to get out and around people. Everywhere I go now, I am beginning to know at least one or two people.

The only downside was the damn palmetto bug in my bathroom when I got home. Not happy about that, lol. They are soooooo damn creepy.

Tomorrow a bunch of us will go to brunch at the local outdoor cafe.  I’ll probably just have coffee, but it’s a lovely way to spend a couple hours.  With friends, and music.  The weather will be warm enough for shorts.

But if that’s the biggest problem I have, I’m lucky. Love and light everyone.


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