Sunday, Sunday

Too much coffee today. I had a cup at 6 AM. That’s usually it for me. I had another half a cup with a friend who stopped by, bringing me veggies from the community garden 4 doors down. She said “George wants you to make some more soup.” LOL. Well, I’ll need a few more veggies, than a turnip and a handful of beans, and one eggplant (which I don’t use in the soup.) But it was a nice thought. I’ll probably make some kind of soup next weekend, and share it.

We went to the outdoor cafe, then, for brunch. I had another cup of coffee there. They had pumpkin coffee. Usually I stick with regular unflavored coffee but that sounded good. But, I certainly didn’t need the caffeine. Now I am jittery, and really tired because I didn’t sleep at all well last night. And my stomach is upset. Probably left-over emotions from the last couple of days in my solar plexus and sacral chakras. I was able to somehow doze off a bit while I was reading this afternoon. That’s a good thing.

Brunch was very nice. In the low 60’s, just cool enough for a light jacket. About 6-8 of us, different people at different times, sat around the fire pit talking, and listening to another of our friends play guitar and sing. We left there about 2:30, and are headed back there this evening. One of the local artists made a CD and is having a CD party tonight there. It will be fun, lots of people will be there. It shouldn’t be a late night either, which is a good thing.

A lot of the local musicians have CD’s of their own. When they perform they sell them for $5 or $10 each. My friend Beth sings harmonies on some of them. So it’s a big deal in a small community, and is the way the artists support each other.

We ran into another friend as we were leaving, the one who wanted to start a writers group. We talked about it briefly. I made sure she knew I was still interested.

I cooked another of the sugar pumpkins I have to use for pumpkin pies when I got home. Talked to my sister. We have not talked this week much. I got her up-to-date on my plumbing issues. And told her I realized I can’t get a jello mold from my house to hers without it melting, so wasn’t going to make one. It’s about an hour’s ride, and it’s supposed to be round 80 all week. Still planning to go over Tuesday night I think. I’ll make the stuffing here on Tuesday, then head over there. We decided to do the pies there on Wednesday night so they’ll be fresh on Thursday. It’s so much fun to plan Thanksgiving with my sister.

So it’s another beautiful day here, even though it was cool. The sun was brilliant, the sky was just clear and so blue. Happy to be here, to be part of this community. Life is good.

Love and light, everyone.

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