Energy Is Swirling

The CD release party was nice, if boring. I did meet a couple of people, and got to know the woman who made the CD a little better since she was sitting at our table right across from me. She lives near me. Her CD is really a compilation of songs she wrote for children to learn and sing along to when she taught children in New Zealand. She is older than me now, but still works with the kids.

A couple of people were telling me I should go to the casino/dance hall here on Wednesday night and take the beginner’s dancing lesson. Swing dancing. Then they dance for a few hours. They were all telling me how much fun it was. So maybe I’ll try it. It might be fun.

It was cold tonight. Long pants, sweaters and jackets. It is supposed to go below 50 here tonight, though by Thanksgiving it will be back up to 80. So, sitting still, in that chill, listening to kid’s songs was a bit much. There were other musicians interspersed through out the evening thankfully.

I’m worn out tonight. Spent too much time this weekend on old business, I had to sit with it and free myself of it, and did, I think. It was exhausting. And still, it I suppose it will pop up from time to time. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight again, especially after all the coffee I had today. But I think I’ll be fine to actually sleep through the night. First time in days.

Feeling the energy swirling around, in transition. Not sure of the implications, not sure where it comes from, though I think I know on a personal level. Just feeling it. Life changes, sometimes in small increments, sometimes in energetic tsunamis. This one has exhausted me. I’m going to bed, and looking forward to waking up after daylight tomorrow.

I’m still in a good place, my life is still good. Love and light everyone.

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