Just a Little Rant

I was a little angry, perturbed, when I got up this morning. Then I went to use my phone and couldn’t. For some reason Sprint reversed the payment I made to them over a week ago, and then shut my phone off today. I had paid it using my checking account. So I paid it again, using my debit card. Then I sat on the phone with them for 10 minutes waiting to talk to someone, and they blamed the bank.

OK, the bank is 4 blocks from me. I quickly got dressed and flew over there. The branch manager looked up my account and Sprint never put the original payment through. The bank doesn’t show it in there at all, not as a charge, not reversed.

GRRRR. The phone is now working, and my bank account is ok, but I was freaking out. Seriously, thinking someone had hacked my account.

Having your phone shut off is traumatic. It’s my only form of communication with the outside world, and my son’s.

Nevermind why I woke up irritated. Just more bullshit that means nothing. I need to get busy doing something besides writing, and dredging shit up that’s a waste of time and energy.

Trying to calm down, this is just a rant. Beats pacing the floor or screaming. I have therapy at noon, which is a back massage. Hopefully that will help.

Think I’ll go down to the water, and take a walk.

Love and light.


14 responses to “Just a Little Rant

  1. Hey. Haven’t you ever heard of a tin can and a string? (Although as pissed off as you were, I bet Sprint could have heard you holler.) LOL
    C’mon now. Got to wake up that pioneer spirit in ya!

  2. The leash never was that important. You remember even before answering machines… If the phone rang and we were there it got answered… You understand all the principles of being at peace. I sense you are an awake soul… peace

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