Looking Forward

The morning sun is lighting up the stained glass in my front door window, casting reds and blues and greens across the room. It looks to be another beautiful day here in paradise.

It’s always such a relief to get through an episode of angst, and anger and pain. Kind of like the relief you feel after you’ve been sick and you finally feel better. It’s delightful to have moved beyond it. I’ve been through it far too many times in the last few years. I think this time, I can leave it completely in the past.

I have so much to look forward to. Going to my sister and brother-in-laws on the island. Going to the town dock for sunrise, maybe down to the Gulf for sunset. Most of all, to be celebrating Thanksgiving with them, and their friends. I always feel like my mother is so close when I’m there. I drive by the place she used to live to get there, by the church she used to walk to. And I sleep in the bed she slept in when she lived with my sister. I’m excited for my dates, which seem to be firming up for next week. It’s about time.

I came here for many reasons. First, because I wanted to retire, and couldn’t afford to stay where I was and retire. I wanted to downsize, and I love my little house, Avalon. It is the perfect size for me. I wanted to make a fresh start, to leave so much pain and difficulty behind me. Avalon, the mystical place of healing and new beginnings. I guess when my car was totaled and I got so sick, I kind of forgot that dream. But it’s back, and I don’t expect to be reaching backward again.

I talked with my son last night for quite awhile. He’s made some new friends, and is going to one of their houses for Thanksgiving. I’m happy about that. He wants me to come see him. I told him I would like him to come here in the winter/late spring, and I’ll go there when it begins to get really hot here. Maybe in June. He thought that was a good idea. I think he was worried about paying for a ticket here, but I told him I’d pay for it, lol. I miss him so much.

It’s chilly this morning but will get up into the mid-70’s this afternoon. I am about to begin making the stuffing for the turkeys to take to my sisters. Then I think I’ll go down to the water and take a walk. Come back and get my things packed, get a shower, and head out to my sisters by mid afternoon. I get to drive across the beautiful Skyway bridge, which I love.

Life is good. Love and light, all.

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