Random Thoughts

People at work are still messaging me about the drama that goes on there. I am cordial, polite. But honestly, it seems like another lifetime when I had to get up, rush out of the house, drive through rush hour traffic, and work a 9 or 10 hour day. It is so remote to me.

Life now is getting up early. Sitting in my nightgown, doing a morning meditation, writing. I’ve not been making sunrise lately, but I have managed to get to the water, walk along the beach. Sit and gather myself. Work is so far from my mind.

I just heard that Hillary’s popular vote now shows she has won by over 2 million. It’s absurd the way we elect people in this country. Hopefully this will open people’s eyes to see what needs to be done, though I’m not counting on it. Perhaps the coming years with the creep will help more people to see, and the change made, so that the person who wins, actually wins. If we still have a country left in 4 years. I feel like our governmental checks and balances are wicked out of balance. Maybe I should send reiki, lol.

Looking forward to spending the day with my sis. Every time I come here she loads me with stuff, lol. For the first time in our lives, at least as adults, we wear the same size clothes. (She’s gained a little, I’ve lost a lot.) So she had cleaned out her closet of stuff she didn’t wear anymore, and told me to take what I wanted. So now I have a bunch of new-to-me t-shirts, which I needed! Because I’m sick of all my old clothes. I didn’t really buy any new clothes in the last year because I didn’t want to move them. Plus she gave me a rug for my guest room, and a couple more paintings. A few scarves.

And she’s giving me some plants she has had to cut back, so I can plant them in my yard. Big lillies. Cool.

Life is good. Maybe we can go for a walk on the beach today, or around her neighborhood. Make the pies, take a nap, sip on some wine later in the day. Sounds like a rough life, doesn’t it?

Love and light….

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