The Day Before

Such a warm sunny day. Changed from jeans to a skort this afternoon. I sat in the sun, with my book. Fell asleep in the sun for awhile. It was just so nice out.

At the end of the day, the pumpkin pies were made, the butternut squash and the gravy. I made the stuffing before I came here yesterday, so that’s done. Everyone is bringing a dish, so we aren’t left with a whole lot of stuff to do, which is cool.

Once we got all that done, we went out by the pool, one of my sis’s neighbors came over and we had wine and conversation. She is from Canada, and will be here tomorrow. She is a hockey player, about 50, and just won a bronze medal at the World Masters tournament in hockey. Like every other Canadian I’ve ever known, she was sweet, humble, polite and kind. We had a lot in common it seemed. I like my sisters friends a lot.

I love my new friends in Gulfport. So many of the people I meet there though, made no plans whatsoever for their retirement, and are living day to day. Not all of them, but a lot of them. I’d be freaking out if I hadn’t made arrangements over my lifetime to be able to retire without worry. I guess I’m not quite as laid back as a lot of people.

I’m upset that over the winter they peacocks were rounded up and taken away. I guess some people didn’t like their low cawing at 4 AM. Lots of them didn’t like the mess they made, because they tended to congregate in certain peoples homes and yards. But I have always been enchanted to drive down the street, or walk out the door, or to the beach and encounter a flock of these beautiful birds. I have seen one or two, but the rest are gone, sadly. The first day I was ever here, and we drove down the street, I said to my sister, “Oh, everyone should live where peacocks run free.” Well, no more, sadly.

I’m missing my son a lot. It is too weird to have this holiday without him. He’s got plans but not big ones. Not going anywhere, although he’s been asked by a number of people. Idk if he just feels weird being at someone else’s home. Well, he needs to adjust. I told him I’d tell him how to make stuffing if he wanted to cook a turkey with his friends, but he didn’t take me up on it.

I am feeling so grateful though, to be here at my sisters. First Thanksgiving we’ve had together in 45 or so years. It feels good. I know my mom is happy about this. And my dad. I’m grateful for many things, many blessings. My life is such a joy.

Love and light.


3 responses to “The Day Before

  1. Sorry about the peacocks. Some people complain about Canadian geese making messes. I think large birds are fascinating. Everyone is finding there place in the world.

    • We used to have the geese where I lived with my ex for 30 years, on a lake. All they do is poop and eat, lol ruined our lakefront grass. I didn’t notice that the peacocks were so bad. But they did have their favorite places, particularly under the houses that are up on stilts for storm tides. So I imagine they weren’t too fond of them. Still, I wish they were here. They were magical to me. Even their loud cawing at 4 AM let me know I was in Florida. 😊

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