A Walk Through the Neighborhood

I didn’t make sunrise this morning. It seemed cloudy out that early. I didn’t see any pink in the sky, so stayed in, in my nightgown and bathrobe, writing, reading, sipping my coffee, for about an hour. Then I got dressed, and began to clean up all the outdoor space from last night. Empty wine and beer bottles, and glasses for cocktails for the few who didn’t drink wine or beer. Amazingly, we had a lot of wine left. 3 bottles opened, of white wine, that I found room for in the fridge. 1 bottle of red, opened but not empty. Then maybe 3 or 4 unopened bottles. Threw away all the paper products, napkins, and desert plates on the table. Cleared off a dozen wine glasses. And other assorted things like bringing all the table linens to the laundry room. Then I cleaned up all the dishes which were left.

I didn’t want my sis to have to wake up to the mess. Her house is usually pretty spotless. And I was thinking she probably wouldn’t be feeling a whole lot like cleaning it up, lol.

When I was done, I took a walk around her neighborhood. Up to the town dock, to snap a picture of the mangrove tree. I love the way the tree grows and expands with all the roots above ground. Somewhat like the banyan tree, except they look like they’re on stilts. I think they have to grow near the water. This is a picture I took of it, you can see a dock behind it, and the bay, through the leaves and roots system.


I kept walking down the street, and snapped this picture of the coconuts up in the palm tree. It was on private property, or the coconuts would have been cut down by the city because they fall on the cars parked under them and cause damage.


I got back to the street she lives on, and snapped this picture of the palm tree lined street, in the brilliant sun.  I also took a picture of a palm tree hosting another plant, to show the harmonious living I talked about the other day.

I walked past her house, past where they have torn down an old restaurant and are building a brand new one, which won’t even be open for another year. There’s another restaurant there, which is being remodeled, probably to compete better with the new one. They are both on the channel which takes you from the inland waterway, to the bay behind the barrier beaches, then out to sea about a half mile north. This is a picture of that channel.


I continued on that street, and eventually it looped around back to the one she lives on. It was about 73, no wind, no clouds, bluest of blue skies.

Now my sis and I are sitting around in our bathing suits, catching sun, swimming when we get too hot. She has an orange tree, lemon tree, and lime tree, laden with fruit. It should be ripe for Christmas. It’s 81 this afternoon. What more could you want? I still pinch myself that this is the life I am living. Every day.

I’m getting my washer and dryer this week. I have tentative dates for Wednesday and Friday. Open mic night Thursday. Except for my washer and dryer, my days are my own, to write, or make jewelry, or work on my house. It’s perfect. There is no downside, except the people I miss. Hopefully, they will begin to make plans to get here after the holidays.

Love and light everyone.


One response to “A Walk Through the Neighborhood

  1. I am so jealous of you right now that I have to pinch myself, lol!!! I will be living in winter hell these next 4-5 months. At least I will have the carribean trip for 2 weeks in Feb. Lol, otherwise I wouldn’t know what to do. Clearly, for my retirement, I must plan for a warm and lovely place like you have. 🙂 Oh it is only 30 something year away loooool. 🙂 But truly, i am SO happy for you. You seem much more at peace than back when you were working, to be honest. Big hugs!!!

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