It Was a Wonderful Thanksgiving

The food is put away. I made sure of that. The tables are still full of wine bottles and glasses, beer bottles, and empty Bloody Mary glasses. They’re on the tables outside, and it’s too dark for me to see to get them. I’ll go out in the morning and finish up the clean-up. I know my sister will sleep late tomorrow, she was feeling no pain tonight when she went to bed. But in the end, there was plenty of food, wonderful friends and conversation, music, and dancing on her patio/deck.

We all had a good time, and ate well. There is so much to be grateful for. So many people are still so upset over this election, and, yeah, sure, I am too. To a degree. I won’t let it take over my life, and become my primary focus. It’s important to me to maintain peace, kindness, generosity of spirit, and love, always love, in my own corner of the world. I still think that’s all we can do at the moment, to extend love in our spheres of human interaction, to counter the ugliness that has taken front and center in this country. It’s time to rest, to lay down, to sleep, and get ourselves strong to fight the first chance we have.

Life will always be what we make of it. Even with an asshole for a president, we can have good lives if we craft them that way.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Love and light


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