Exhaustion Hits

I’m home and very tired. My throat is a little sore. I took two zinc and tried to take a nap. As soon as I lay down a friend called me. Then my son began texting with me, and I texted with him for awhile. He was sick yesterday, still not feeling well today. It’s his stomach, and I think Thanksgiving was rough for him this year. We’ve always spent it together, every year. He was at work, so I texted with him for a long while, until I knew he was ok. Then as soon as I fell asleep another friend from up north called and we talked for a long while.

I think I’ll take a couple Ibuprofen and an Ambien, and go to bed early. I have been sleeping well, and eating well (of course, it’s Thanksgiving!) so I don’t know why I’m so exhausted. I think there was an emotional component I have been ignoring, being the first Thanksgiving without my mom and my son.

I hope I wake up feeling well tomorrow. I have some plans with friends for most of the day. Brunch at our usual place, then a trip out to a pier in a nearby community. It’s a fishing pier, but has vendors, and craft people, and things to eat on it. A beautiful place to watch the sunset over the Gulf. So I hope I can go.

Very happy to be home, in my sweet little house, in my own bed. It really is feeling like home. My sis is giving me a desk that I’ll need to paint, but then can use for my jewelry. She gave me two beautiful oriental screens to screen the mess that the jewelry makes. Also a weather-proof speaker that works with bluetooth for me to use on the deckExhaustio, and a rug for my guest room. And 2 more paintings. My brother-in-law is cleaning out the garage, lol. And my sister is cleaning out the closets.

I’m so blessed to have those two.

Hope all is well with everyone. Love and light.


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