Homebody Sunday

I didn’t go anywhere today.   I tried to lay down and take a nap, but too many people tried to reach me, calling or texting. Same thing happened yesterday when I tried to take a nap. I guess I should just put the phone on silent if I’m serious about sleeping.

Since I was not sleeping I looked at the directions to the pier I was supposed to go to today. I hadn’t realized it was so far away, almost an hour. Just didn’t feel like driving a couple hours, even though I’m sure it is an awesome venue to watch the sunset. But I called the friend who wanted to go there, and rescheduled.

I spent the afternoon making turkey soup with the Thanksgiving turkey carcass. It is delicious. A friend is gonna come over for dinner and have some, I hope. I made another too-big pot of soup. After the soup was put together I went out on the deck and read for over an hour while the soup simmered. It is so nice out there, despite the leaves falling perpetually from the banyan tree. I love that the tree shades the whole deck. It’s still warm here, though not hot, and shade is always welcome. I remember when I rented a condo during my divorce that had no outside space. Used to make me crazy.

Feeling relaxed tonight. Hopefully I’ll wake up and feel good tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll sleep tonight.

Love and light everyone.


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