The Livin’ is Easy

Well, I’ve had a couple quiet days. Yesterday was such a quiet day, and I was in bed by 9, and slept til 5:30 this morning. I had to get fasting bloodwork done at 8:15 this morning, which means I could only drink black coffee…..I drink mine with cream. Blech. Couldn’t drink more than a few sips of it. I had a coffee waiting in the car when I was done.

I had a leisurely morning, paying bills, showering, and then going for my massage therapy for my neck and back. They are much better. My neck is probably as good as it will get. My back is much better too, but occasionally I get spasms. Came home, made a grocery list, went to the store. Easy. Easy Peasy day.

Retirement is a lovely thing. You HAVE to prepare. Financially, of course, and emotionally. You need to have some plan as to what you intend to do with your time. It’s important to have people, and I wish I had more people down here. And you have to decide where you want to live, and the financial repercussions of that decision. The cost of supplemental Medicare here in Fl compared to where I used to live is amazing, it’s so much less here. In fact, it’s $0. The cost of running my house here is SO much cheaper. The really hot months I have an electric bill of $80 or so. The cooler ones, I’m guessing $40. Compared to the costs in CT, it’s miniscule. My social security, when I start collecting it will go much farther here.

Some people tell me they miss the 4 seasons. I get that. If you like the cold, and hate the heat, you have to figure that out. I’d take heat over frigidity any day, especially considering it is so inexpensive here to cool the house. When it’s 95 and humid, people just stay indoors (or at the beach) in the afternoon, and then come out at night.

Once you’ve enacted a plan and worked it, it’s heaven. To have every single minute be your own, to do what you want. Take a nap, so you can go out at night. Sit and work at your craft, read a book, take a walk, go visit a museum or a gallery, go have a glass of wine and listen to some music, or (my personal favorite) head for the beach. Or a million other things.

You can have a busy day, or an easy peasy day, the way mine was today.

Anyway, all is well down here. Love and light, all.


5 responses to “The Livin’ is Easy

  1. We have the four seasons here in NC, but milder than CT where my husband lived most of his life. He marvels at the pleasant November days we’ve had. As to what to do with my time, I have 6 “free” days and still work one at the old job, and there is so much to do in those 6 days, so many options, I really have to prioritize time to write and to relax. You make Florida sound dreamy.

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