Waiting for Delivery

Waiting rather impatiently for a call from Home Depot telling me they are a half hour out from delivering my washer dryer. I did a massive cleaning this morning, moving things around, vacuuming the moldings, cleaning off counters, etc.

Then went and sat on my deck, and read. Finished the Anne Lamott book, Imperfect Birds. Thoroughly enjoyed it, but I knew I would. I have 4 unread books on my kindle. Not sure what I’m in the mood for.

It’s about 80 outside now, at 11 in the morning. It rained last night, thunder-stormed. I think it was the first rain in about 6 weeks. I heard a boom, and looked out the windows to see it pouring. But it was brief, maybe 10 minutes.

I have some lilies my sister gave me to plant. If Home Depot doesn’t get here soon, I’ll start digging. I hope they haven’t died yet. I meant to plant them Sunday, but I felt too shitty to do any kind of work. It was enough to make turkey soup, lol. And now I’m getting sick of it, I have to give some away.

I just got a FB message from a guy friend who has a home in Mexico and also about 8 miles from me. He’s from the town in Iowa where I grew up and is the boyfriend of my best friend from high school. He drives down to Mexico when he goes, and then drives back. He’s been gone about a month. He sent a bunch of pictures of his house, he’d had a lot of work done, and pics from his rooftop. Anyway, it was fun to hear from him. He’ll probably be back in a week or so. His girlfriend has been debating coming at Christmas, and if she does she’ll probably stay with me for awhile.

Well I had to come inside. My phone was dying and I don’t have an electrical outlet on the deck. Probably should get one put in, so I can stay out there while the phone charges.

Kind of stream of consciousness while I wait. Maybe I’ll make brownies, and give them away with the soup, lol.

Love and light to everyone.


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