A Little More Settled In

My sister and brother-in-law came over today. They brought me the desk, and we rearranged the space and put up the oriental decorative screens they gave me. My sister and I put up almost all my pictures except two that need eyelet screws and wire attached. My brother-in-law took them with him to put the eyelets in and I’ll pick them up next time I’m there. This weekend maybe. I might go over Saturday afternoon night and spend the night.  Or Sunday after

We went to our favorite lunch spot in town, down by the beach. My poor brother-in-law picked up a bag of mulch which has been sitting next to the hibiscus by my front door since forever, left there by the previous owner, and I have not had the time to move it, or the strength, it was a big heavy bag. Well, today we found out it was full of termites. Suddenly my entry way was covered by them, and they were coming out of the bag. My brother-in-law dragged it to the street, because it’s my garbage day tomorrow, so it could be picked up. He got bitten by ants when he dragged it. Apparently they were living in the bag too.

They left soon after, as soon as we hung a couple more pictures, and put down the rug they had given me in my guest room. My house is looking and feeling more settled, more like mine. It feels so good. It really helps me feel more settled in, to have my things on the walls.

When they left, I finished putting my garbage out by the street, and then laid down for a nap. I still have this dang sore throat, but I want to go out to open mic tonight at the outdoor restaurant in town, so tried to grab a nap. Of course, even though I silenced the phone, one friend texted me as soon as I laid down. Half hour later another called me. I think I dozed off for a little while anyway.

Tomorrow the drill will be the same. I will nap in the afternoon, and then go to the artwalk downtown. We’re going early enough to watch the sunset from the pier.

It’s all good. I hope it’s not too much longer before I feel at home here. There’s a difference, I’m finding out, between loving a place, and feeling at home there. It is all coming together.

Love and light…..


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