Random Search Terms

Have you who blog ever looked at the “search terms” in the stats? Most of the ones on mine are search for my blog’s name, as you might expect. If not that, then perhaps terms that might relate to the title of a blog. Again, yeah I get that.

Today I had one which is totally random. I don’t know how it led to finding my blog. But the terms were “famile nudist”. ???? I have never been a nudist, nor expect to be, except in my own home, lol. Or maybe that of a lover. You understand. The normal places one is found nude. I typed “famile nudist” into Google, and got “did you mean “family nudist”? Maybe?

The search for “family nudist” got 11,000,000 hits. I went through 3 pages, and my blog was not one of the first 3 pages, which I felt was enough to see if my blog for some reason had a hit. Of course it did not. (Maybe it will now, lol, since I’ve written this.)

I can’t even get a definition of famile. And since the only “referrers” on the stats were Google and WP, I can’t even figure out how “famile” anything made it to my search terms, since a search automatically changes the word to “family”.

Well, it’s not really a big deal. It’s not the first time I’ve had search terms that made my brows furrow in confusion. But it is one of the most random. Just one more inexplicable thing in my life, lol.

Time to go take a nap  so I can be energetic for the artwalk tonight.  It should be fun.

Love and light…..


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