Dating Sucks

I did something tonight I’ve never done in my life.

I faked not feeling well to cut a date short. Well, actually, I didn’t completely fake it. I didn’t, haven’t, felt well all week. But I am better today. If I’d enjoyed the date I could have stayed out.

This date was the same guy I met for lunch Wednesday. He was boring then, but I thought maybe he was just nervous. We had already talked about going to the artwalk. He makes amber and silver jewelry, and we seemed to have some things in common. I decided to give him another chance not to bore me. Nix. Nyet. No.

BORING BORING BORING. The kiss of death with me.

I tried. I walked around the artwalk with him for 2 ½ hours. Including walking down the fishing pier twice. It was a really nice night, weather-wise. It was an incredibly beautiful sunset. But then we stopped to get a bite to eat. He looked at the menu, folded it up, and said he wanted to get whatever it was I wanted, so he could find out what I liked. What is wrong with asking me? Or paying attention to what I order? What is wrong with being your own person?

WTF. Like I want to lead some guy around. Who would want to be with someone who couldn’t even figure out what he liked to eat. Geezus. Whaddya think? Looking for someone to take care of him? He kept sitting at the table smiling at me, telling me how he liked looking at my smiling face. Obviously making me uncomfortable. I kept asking him questions about himself, trying to get him to open up about something besides politics, or how blessed we were to be in Florida. He asked no questions of me, except why did my marriage end after 32 years. That was after I asked him how long he’d been married, and then volunteered my own information.

When I decided I had to do something to rescue myself before I jumped off the pier from utter boredom, I said it was getting chilly. And it was, it’s nice and cool tonight. Not cold, of course, but in the mid 60’s. He tried to put his arms around me.

NONONO. I said, “thanks, I’m ok.” I was walking with my arms folded across my chest, consciously trying to send the body language that I wasn’t feeling it.

I also did not like it when I mentioned that one reason I like to come to the pier for sunrise is that I meditate there. He said something insulting, thought I know he didn’t realize it. He said, “Meditation is a great reason to sit your ass and do nothing.”

Blowhard know it all. I couldn’t wait to send him on his way. I wish I’d gone with my girlfriends.


Watching Mozart in the Jungle on Amazon Prime. So much better than the date. God, I hate dating. Gotta give this shit up.

Love and light


11 responses to “Dating Sucks

    • I wouldn’t have liked it even if I did not meditate on a regular basis, it shows such closed mindedness. But when someone you’re out on a second date with tells you they do it, and then you say something derogatory about it? Oh yeah, think I want to spend more time with him….NOT

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