Sleep Can Cure So Much

Sleep is a good thing. After finishing the date from hell, I slept a solid 7 hours, best night’s sleep all week, and I feel great today. I mean, really, this guy never even found out that I write! Or had no questions about it, anyway. I was having a conversation with one of the crafters who paints and decorates wooden boxes, and writes a haiku inside the lid of each one. We were talking about writing haiku. He had no questions, none. But as we walked away, he did manage to criticize her work. I liked her work. Pompous ass.

Oh yeah, and then he asked me if I’d ever be interested in sharing a booth with him! OMG, NONONO. Numbnuts. I told him I was already planning to share one with my friend who paints. Geezus.

Delete, delete, delete.

Ok, so I’m over it, lol. I woke at 5 AM this morning, but I guess I was supposed to, because I was refreshed, and felt good. My sis wants me to come over tonight, she’s having a dinner party. Last night I told her I would probably stay home, but this morning I feel like going. Told her I’d bring dessert or something.

This morning I was laying in bed awake, but it is cool in my house because it’s cool outside, and it felt so good to snuggle under the comforter. I decided to stay in bed and send 3 of my old co-workers with whom I am close a picture of the sunset last night, figuring they wouldn’t see it til they got up. Just to remind them there’s another life besides the cold and snow (which they’re getting more of on Monday, I guess.) Anyway, I’d forgotten that one of the guys gets up early like me so we texted back and forth for an hour or so. I am close with his gf too. It was nice to get caught up with him, about everyone. There is always chaos and drama going on at my old workplace, and I am just sooooo glad to not have to face that every day. No wonder my blood pressure was creeping up the last months I was there!

When I moved down here, I brought most of my Christmas decorations, because I couldn’t bear to part with them. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is sentimental about these, right? Well, yesterday I started putting things out and realized I have WAY too much stuff for this house, lol. So now I have to make decisions. I’m used to decorating a decent sized (maybe 6 or 7 ft) real tree. Now I have a 4 ft artificial tree. So far I got the angel on top of it, lol. I have enough lights for 5 of these trees. Not to mention stuff that just goes around the house.

Well, I’m off and running to get my day underway. It feels so good to feel good again.

Love and light, everyone. Always and all ways……


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