A Walk on the Beach

My sister and I took a walk on the beach today. It’s weird how rarely we do that, when we both love it, and we are so close to it. It was such a beautiful day. I know, it’s repetitive, but still remarkable to me.

I’m putting up some pictures we took. The first one is sunset Friday night. It was the date from hell, but the sunset was amazing. Just amazing. Picture taken from the fishing pier. See for yourself!


On the beach, we walked about a half mile up to a spot that is full of driftwood, just scores of trees and branches etc, piled on the beach, bleached out. I kept thinking the root systems would make cool tables, but my sis said it’s illegal to take any of the driftwood, because it is holding the sand to the dune. But here are some pics. Check out how blue the sky is. That’s really the color it was today. It was over 80° but very dry, so when you were in the shade it was cool.


Driftwood beach



We came back, and both of us were hot, so we went swimming in the pool. After, I was sitting in an adirondack chair beside the pool, leaning back, and looked up and saw palms fronds over me in an arch and blue sky and thought, “This is perfect.” And at that very moment, my sis looked at me and said, “Isn’t this perfect?” LOL.

We are both constantly remarking how fun it is to be in each others lives on a regular basis. She was so appreciative of my help Saturday night. We work together so well in the kitchen, it’s scary. We don’t get in each others way at all, and it’s a small kitchen. Not tiny, but small enough. We laugh, and are saying all the time how we channel our mother for each other, lol.

So it was a wonderful weekend. I’m home, having a glass of wine, writing reflecting. Happy. Needing nothing, at the moment, that I don’t already have.

Love and light…..


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