Phew! Busy Day!

It was one of those days today.

I made an appointment Wednesday to to the rest of the repairs on my sewer problem. Another $900…..But I can quit worrying about it when that’s done.

I went to Walmart to pick up my prescriptions. I expected to pay $30, $15 each for two of them, nothing for the other 2 or 3. The pharmacy ass’t brought the bag up and said, “That will be $782.”

WHAT????? Um, no. It was the first time I picked it up with the new insurance. I gave them my card and asked them to check again. It came up the same. Naturally I didn’t take it, and naturally my stomach was doing flips. I was trying to remember exactly my conversation with the rep over a month ago. I was pretty sure it had to be something simple, I know I knew what the cost should be.

I called the rep, and she told me it was because the dr didn’t get prior authorization before calling the meds in. So I told her I have an appt tomorrow and will straighten it out then.

End of panic attack.

I had to go to the bank, because every time I try to do an e-check on line, the bank can’t recognize the account number. It does a paper check fine, a debit card charge fine, but not an e-check. Down here they generally charge you a 3% service charge to pay a bill via a debit card, so I’ve used e-check to pay those that charge it. But it bounced my property tax payment, and might cost me $40…so I had to resolve it.

They had to treat it like a lost or stolen acc’t and give me a whole new account number. They promised that the charges, and checks on the old account will automatically go to the new account. So I’ll see..

On to Home Depot. I talked to the people in the appliance dept about my washer/dryer that I refused delivery on because I needed a 220V outlet. Turns out the dryer is also available in a natural gas configuration, and I have gas, so I am also gonna get a price on running the gas to my laundry closet. They said it should be no problem to change the unit from electric to gas. I’m going to have the plumber give me a price on running the line when he comes Wed to finish the work on my sewer connection. Gas is apparently much cheaper to run. Then I got some other things I needed and headed home.

I was just leaving to go take a walk, and my handy-man called and said he could come put in a new outlet in my bedroom and see if that fixed the issue of no outlets working. I told him to come, I would rather get that done than walk, lol. He came and put it in, but it didn’t resolve my problems. I have an electrician coming tomorrow, to price up the 220V outlet, and will get a price on the problem with none of the outlets working in the bedroom.

After that a friend stopped by, and we sat outside and at my kitchen table and talked for about an hour. That was nice.

So it was a busy day, for a retired person. Got a lot done, and didn’t get done all I wanted. Feeling content tonight, happy. If I can sleep, I’ll be really happy.

Love and light.


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