Plumbing is Expensive

A small frustrated rant…

The plumber is here and got the camera down the sewer line. It needs jetting, it’s an old cast iron sewer pipe but seems to be in pretty good condition. Just has a lot of junk in it. So…to make a long story short and more expensive, they are jetting the line, putting in a new cleanout, and the price for all of it is $1899. I did not want to get my sewer line repaired for a Christmas present, but I guess that’s where I’m at. I should be good for as long as I’m in the house now. Unless by some miracle I make it another 20 years here, lol. I already paid $975, and now it will be almost $2000 more. Makes for a pretty expensive bathroom.

I will be glad at the end of the day, to be done with the plumbing problems. On to more fun things, like buying a shed….trimming trees…..fixing gutters…….

One day I’ll be done, and just livin’ the good life. Oh hell, I’m living it now, who am I kidding? It’s 75°. sunny, I have the money to do this. I’m gonna go sit outside with a book while they work. Who knows, I may have time to go down to the beach and take a walk. Tough life……

Love and light….


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