Just Random Stuff

Some random things this morning.

My younger sister, (not the one who lives near me, this one lives in TX), is a library administrator. Her husband managed to get tickets for her to a book signing near her. It was a book signing for Bruce Springsteen’s book Born to Run, and she got to meet him! And have her picture taken with him! How cool is that!

My sewer line will be finished today. In the plumbers rush to get over here with the thing that “jets” the line, he forgot the nozzles. It was way too late to go back and get them. So he’s coming today to finish the work. So tonight when I go to open mic night I can relax and know my sewer lines are clear for a good long while. YAY. Finally.  $3000 later…….

My Christmas tree is decorated! It’s a 4 ft artificial tree. It’s so tiny! I am used to a good-sized real tree, up in New England. But that kind of tree would probably be $100 here. Plus I am sick of vacuuming needles up for a month. I have a few other things to put out. But it’s still hard to feel Christmasy when it’s so warm out. I’ll suffer through it though, lol.

I made brownies last night. I made them cream cheese brownies. I just make a box mix and then add my own cream cheese mixture. I am going to take most of them with me to the open mic night and give them to my friends. I just wanted to bake, lol. But now I have a whole tray of pretty good brownies I need to give away.

I am going with an electric clothes dryer, because the cost of a 220V outlet is $425, and to run the gas line to my dryer would be $900. Since I probably do 2 loads of laundry a week when I’m by myself, it would take me a long time to make up $475 in electric fees. Plus, the electrician can fix the outlets in my bedroom while he’s here instead of make a special trip, which will save me $100. Easy decision.

I got messages from 3 new men on the dating site, so I am dipping my toe back into those waters. But will trust my gut a lot more. Watch out for know-it-alls and narcissists. So far these 3 all seem normal, and have been able to carry on a conversation via message. I still would rather meet someone in person. Who knows? Maybe at the open mic night I go to. I think I need to get involved in some community things too. Then I can meet people who live near me, (not just men, but friends of both sexes) and have common interests. Maybe a writers group or something.

It’s all good. Little by little I’m getting stuff done, making my way. Life is good.

Love and light.


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