Expanding the Circle

Last night I went to the open mic at our local restaurant here, as I do every Thursday. I had made a batch of brownies the day before, just because I like to bake. I wrapped them into packages of 4 brownies each, 4 packages. When I got there, I gave a package to each of the first 4 friends I saw. They were pretty happy, lol.

One of the guys, who kind of dates my friend, was the only one there when I got there. I sat with him at a table for 6, and visited. He’d just returned from a trip north to PA, and Boston. He drove. So I caught up with him, told him of my plumbing issues, explaining that’s why I was having a glass of wine, lol. To celebrate never worrying about it again, or at least not for a long long time.

As it turned out our table for 6 became a table for about 10 or 12, adding and subtracting people who came and went. The friend I sat with originally remarked out it was kind of like an old home night, with people stopping by. Met some new people, got to know others better. Laughed a lot! The music was good. The place was busy, with few empty seats. It’s getting to be season, there are more people in town at night, though it’s far from crowded with tourists. So as people walk through the waterfront district, they stop there and listen to the music. It’s very casual, since the venue is outdoors. The stage area is in the very back of the lot, surrounded by tall trees that are lit with those twinkle lights wrapped around them. They had gas heaters going outside last night. The temp was about 60. Cool enough for pants and a sweater.

I had talked to the electrician yesterday about scheduling my electric work, and he said he couldn’t do it until between Christmas and New Years. I was so disappointed….and also, that’s when my windows are getting replace. I didn’t want them working on top of each other. But while I was at the open mic, he texted me that he had worked it out to come TODAY!!!! He called me this morning, and they will be here shortly. Then I can call and get my washer rescheduled for delivery next week! I’m so excited to have a washer and dryer here finally!!! And my bedroom outlets working!!!

Last night one of my newer friends who has lived here her whole life invited me to a Christmas Carol sing in St. Pete. It’s a group which is raising money to build tiny homes for homeless vets. I am going to try to go. It’s a worthwhile cause to get involved in and I will meet new people. I know her and another woman who is involved. She also told me Saturday there’s what they call the “Hoopla” going on in town, all day, which ends with a boat parade at sunset, with all the boats being lit up for Christmas! I’m psyched about that!

She also told me where there are Tai Chi classes twice a week. She said after the classes which meet in the morning, a group of them go for coffee and conversation. They will be starting new classes in January, so I am going to try to go on a regular basis. I think it will be helpful as exercise, and for my arthritis.

I’m so happy to be finding a way to get involved here, besides open mic night, though I will continue to go to that, because I love going. I’m happy to be expanding my circle a bit.

Probably going to head over to my sisters Sunday afternoon for the night. It will be warm again, 80°, so we’ll enjoy the pool, and maybe get another walk on the beach, or even go watch the sunset over the Gulf.

Life is good. Love and light, everyone.

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