Money With Wings

What a week it’s been. Money has taken wings and just flown out of my hands this week. Today I got the outlet put in for my dryer, and the outlets in my bedroom rewired, to the tune of $875.

Fixing the bedroom outlets was a nightmare. Two of them were on one wire, the third on another. And all the wires ran under the house. My house is about 6” off the ground. First when the electrician got under the house (and he had to dig himself under), he got attacked by biting ants, and those damn things hurt and itch. I felt so bad for him. The two electricians went to Home Depot and got a paint suit for him that he could wear under there. Then, one of the wires he found had split into two parts, and frayed, and the two copper parts were (VERY luckily) not touching each other. But when he touched them together, they sparked. So I had a broken LIVE wire under my house. I am so lucky I did not have a fire. And that I live above the flood plain or they’d have gotten wet in the hurricanes in the fall. Scary to think about.

But now, all my outlets work, my house is safe, I can reschedule delivery of my washer/dryer, AND I have a clean sewer line. I’m done with the big expenses for awhile I hope. Shaking my head in disbelief at the money I’ve had to spend this week.

But it’s an old house. We got money off the asking price because the inspector thought we might need to upgrade the electric. It wasn’t in the way he thought, but the outcome is the same. The sewer line, well…we were told when they tested it, it could last a week, it could last 10 years. It lasted a couple months. But now I’m good.

Next big project will be the replacement windows after Christmas. I need to go get window shades and consider curtains for them. Just shades for the time being. Room darkening shades for the bedroom. ,

I’m feeling a little tired, so I may lay down after I vacuum up the house. I’d still like to go to the carol sing tonight, and maybe if I get some rest I will be able to go. I didn’t sleep much last night, maybe 4 or 5 hours.

Well, it was a productive day, anyway. Love and light to all.

5 responses to “Money With Wings

    • Idk what kind of wire. I couldn’t see it. It’s under the house. But the capped it and ran all new wire. They were kind of freaking out too that it sparked, so I think it was true. They found the junction bus under the house too. House us 6″ off the ground, so I wasn’t going looking. Lol.

    • Tre, it’s an old house, and when i bought it they gave back money because the electric might need to be upgraded. This was not what we had in mind, but it’s all good now. The sewer, when tested when I bought it was another thing that they said it could last 10 years, it could last a week, so I was not totally unprepared for that. The rest of the house is new, the heat, AC, roof, kitchen, floors…so I think I’m done with big expenditures. I think I’m good for awhile, lol.

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