Getting Out on a Beautiful Day

I spent most of the week in the house this week, while the plumbers and electricians did their thing. So, today, with everything fixed and a beautiful day unfolding, I couldn’t wait to get out of the house. Even though I love my house.

A friend and I drove to St. Pete beach for a drink and some lunch today. Restaurant was my favorite kind down here, with the tables in the sand. It was cold this morning, 50, but it got up in the mid 70’s, so it was a perfect afternoon. The Gulf was calm, and peaceful. There were a few boats on the horizon. The water at this beach is such a gradual drop-off you can walk out a very long way and just be in warm water up to your knees.

I dropped her off at her house later, and went to Walmart, to get a bunch of small things for the holidays. I came back home, and got a call from another friend, who wanted to go to the boat parade down by the beach. All the boats decorated up for the holidays. It was a lovely night, not hot, not cold, a gorgeous West Coast sunset. And how relaxing, to sit at the end of a dock, feet dangling above the clear water, and then watch the Christmas boats go by.

I’m invited to a friends condo on St. Pete Beach tomorrow to watch another boat parade. I am not sure I’m going, since I had told my sister I’d go to her house. I will talk to her in the morning and see if it’s ok if I go to her house Monday afternoon instead.

I need to make Christmas cookies so I can send some to my son. I need to get his package in the mail soon, so I think I’ll bake tomorrow morning. I can at least get a couple of kinds made.

I’m ending the day watching a few episodes of “Mozart in the Jungle” on Amazon prime. It’s a great series, taking place in NYC, around the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. My sister told me about it, and I’m trying to watch them all before the new season starts in January. The first season (the new one will be season 3) it won an emmy for best new series.

Well time to call it a day, a day well spent, happy and relaxed, content. Love and light to all.


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