Cookies and a Boat Parade, It Must be Almost Christmas

Today I made two kinds of my Christmas cookies.  I have 2 or 3 left to make.  I’m making them a little early, so I can mail them to my son. He called while I was making them, and I told him. He was so excited about the prospect of getting some Christmas cookies. I kind of feel bad I haven’t sent him other care packages. He’s such a good good kid.

He mixes this EDM music, a DJ of sorts. He’s spent a lot on the equipment to do it. He thinks he may have a foot in the door to open for one of the venues in Denver next month. He said he’s been spamming them hard, asking for them to listen to his music, and talk to him, two or three times a day. They responded this week that they liked his stuff and will be in touch within 14 days. He’s pretty psyched. He is also doing well at his job, top in sales in his store every month by a long shot and usually top 5 in the district. I’m very proud of him. And very happy he calls me every day. I miss him so much. But I’m really happy he’s doing so well.

I went to another boat parade tonight. This one was on Treasure Island, on St. Pete Beach. It was fun, kinda cool. Lots of bigger boats than the one we had here in town, and more boats, and more lights. But I was kind of tired, and didn’t feel like drinking. It was at my friends daughter’s condo, with people I didn’t know. Not that I have a problem with that, but I guess I was tired enough I really couldn’t wait til I got to come home.

It will be nice to get to my sisters tomorrow. Maybe sit in her hot tub for awhile. It’s supposed to be nice again this week, up to 80. I think she’s coming here on Saturday for an overnight, for the night of the artwalk. She said she needs some girl time, lol. It will be fun.

One of my friends from CT called today, and wanted to know how the weather was. I said, perfect. About 78. Sunny. It was 11 there this morning. So so so glad I’m here.

Love and light….


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