Just Feelin’ Lucky Tonight

How lucky am I? To have a sister so close, who is my best friend, really, well, she and my son. We are so close now, she and I. She hadn’t decorated her tree, because it was the first Christmas my mom was not here with her. So I’d told her, next time I was here we’d do it together and channel Mom for each other.

We did that today. We decorated the tree together. She has a lot more ornaments than tree, lol. But keeps them all, and switches on and off each year. Today, digging through her boxes of Christmas ornaments, while we were both here, we found a box of my mother’s ornaments! It was so cool. I said later, we really did channel her, and found her ornaments!

We talked about her for awhile, and my sister recalled some very painful moments in the months that she cared for Mom, moments she hadn’t previously shared, and we both cried, but it was healing crying. Every time I come here, I drive by the place my mom last lived before she had her stroke, and I usually smile, and feel her good energy because she was so happy there. But today, I got choked up driving by, and missed her terribly. So it seems that it’s probably missing her, and channeling her, and the holidays in general that made us so emotional. It was really good for us. We have both agreed that this Christmas would be really hard without each other.

She had to show me her citrus trees. She has an orange tree laden with fruit, and a lemon tree and a grapefruit tree. The orange tree has the most fruit, but the other two have a good amount. She said I have a perfect yard for growing them. Then we swam in the pool for a long while. The air had become cool by then, but the pool was at about 90, so it was really warm. I swam a lot, it really helps my arthritis. Then she and I sat in the hot tub with a glass of wine and gabbed while the almost full moon came up over us. It was just beautiful.

I have a date Wednesday night with the guy I talked about before, the one I liked the best. I’ll call him C. We’re going to dinner, and then going to a Christmas light show that’s by the restaurant. The restaurant is on St. Pete Beach on the inter-coastal waterway between St. Pete Beach, a barrier island, and the mainland. The beaches on the island there are utterly beautiful. Soft white sand, turquoise blue water.

I’m pretty excited about the date. We have spoken on the phone a number of times, and seem to hit it off. The conversation seems to flow, there is no game playing, no drama, that I can detect. We both ask and answer questions, and our sense of humor seems to mesh. I feel like there will be a physical attraction as well, which would be nice.

I haven’t called the other man back, but I promised him I would. I’ll call him R. I just have such terrible cell phone service here at my sisters. I don’t want to have our first conversation dropped or something in the call. He is a physicist, and also does other things like act in an online audio theater. We have messaged a lot, and he has answered every question I’ve asked, I’ve answered his. We seem to have some commonalities in our beliefs. I told him that it seemed to me that quantum physics, from my cursory knowledge of it, proves that we are all one thing. He gave me a website of his to check out. Very interesting guy. I am kind of afraid he’s so involved in so many things that he might be a little unfocused, or maybe I just wonder how he will fit a significant other into his life when he finds one. IDK, too early to tell until I talk to him. I would guess we will meet later this week. He’s already said he’d like to meet, so I guess the ball is in my court.

My washer/dryer is coming next Tuesday, a week from tomorrow. I will be so glad to get it. No more hauling laundry over here to my sisters!

We had fog today, this morning, at my house. Tonight driving over the big bridge over Tampa Bay I could see the white fog banks out to sea in the Gulf. When I got close to my sisters, on Anna Maria Island, it was blowing in off the water. Seemed so unusual for down here, but apparently it’s not. My sister said it was really foggy this morning. It was a very humid day, temp just under 80.

Well, time to get some rest.

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