A Good, Happy Day

I finished the Christmas cookies. I think. Unless I decide to make one more kind. Candy cane cookies. They are so cute, so pretty on the platter. But they really aren’t anyone’s favorites, and I have like 12 dozen others. Well, did have. I probably just packed half of them for my son, lol. Well, I still may make candy canes. Just because it’s tradition at Christmas to have them.

When I got done, I needed to get out and clear my head, so decided to go down to the waterfront and take a nice long walk. Needed to walk off the cookies I’d eaten, lol. And chocolate I’d licked off the spoon. So good.


I got down there and it was foggy there. Bright and sunny at my house, but at the water, a mile and a half away, it was pretty foggy. And the town was busy. I guess it was afternoon, and to be expected to be busier than my normal time there, in the morning


Foggy Boca Ciega Bay


Sun trying to come out over the bay

I parked close to the waterfront, across the street. I walked to and down the fishing pier. The sun was trying to come out in places. As I got down to the end of the sidewalks, the sun came out. I kept walking, I just wanted the exercise. I turned, finally and came back. I was walking by an open-sided pavilion by the water, and a bunch of people were in it, doing karaoke. I thought I recognized a voice, and looked and it was one of my good friends from open mic night. He’s not been there for 3 or 4 weeks, and we’ve all kind of wondered if he’s ok, where he was. Thought he might be in NYC, where his family is.

I stopped, and listened to him, as he sang “Chestnuts Roasted On An Open Fire”, an old kind of 40’s or 50’s version. He has this beautiful deep smooth voice. After it was over, I walked up to behind him and called his name. He came over and gave me a big hug. We talked and talked there, for about 20 minutes. I told him I was out for a walk, and just happened by while he was singing. He decided to walk with me. So we continued on talking about everything for about a mile, nice long slow walk. He has been busy, it’s just that season. But he talked about his mother, the daughter he lost to breast cancer, how close he is to her kids, his grandkids. How he felt so blessed to have such a big close family. I told him about my family, that it was small, but we are very close. How I had a Norman Rockwell childhood. He says he did too.

We can relate so well. We walked an talked for another hour. He walked me to my car, and we stopped there, and showed each other pics of our family. I said, “You and I are always on the exact same page!” He said, “I love how close you are with your sisters.” We both lost our mothers last year, his was 97, mine was 94. He carries a picture of her in his wallet. He is probably the kindest, sweetest, most loving man I’ve ever met.

He’s married. I think. His wife is in a convalescent home, so my friends say. She has late stage alzheimers. He still wears his ring, I think he will always feel he is married to her. He doesn’t ever talk about her. I think it’s too painful now, she doesn’t know who he is, but my friends tell me he used to go visit her all the time anyway. He’d say, “Well, she’s still my girl.” He’s just that kind of guy. But I just love this man….He’s older than me, in his 70’s, although he looks much younger. It was so good to see him, and catch up with him. He said he’ll be back to open mic tomorrow. He usually sits there with me when he comes.

I came home, packed up my son’s cookies, and put the rest in containers to freeze. If I can find some tape, I will wrap my son’s things tonight, so I can mail them tomorrow. If not tomorrow, then Friday for sure.

My date for tonight was postponed til Friday night. C called me this morning. He has a hip that is nearing needing replacement. It was hurting him a lot yesterday and he went to the dr. Today he had to go into Tampa, which is about an hour ride for him, to get a cortisone shot in it. He said, “I don’t think I’ll be very good company.” I know those shots hurt, because they get right into the joint. Then they make it feel much better. So I of course, rescheduled. Friday actually works better for me, because I wanted to get my cookies finished, and pack my son’s stuff up and get it off to him. And it’s going to be a much nicer day Friday anyway. I’m sure it was foggy over on the islands all day. Friday is supposed to be sunny. C was so nice when he called and worried that I would be upset. I have a good feeling, still, about this date.

Got a message from yet another guy who has a house on the beach in the same area. We message back and forth a bit. This one lives on the beach, and has an RV which he takes up to Cape Cod for the summer. Told him I know that area well, we used to boat up there a lot.

It’s been a really good, productive and happy day. Life is good. Really good.

Love and light all.


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