Food and Phone Calls

I got home from my sisters and one of my friends, was driving by as I was driving into my driveway. So she and I had a glass of wine on my deck and caught up til the sun went down. I quickly unpacked, and then saw that I had a message from R, the 2nd guy, kind of wondering if I’d ever call him, in a very nice way, saying “It’s already Tuesday….”. I get it, we’ve been talking about it since Sunday, but I did explain I was going to my sisters, and had crappy reception there.

So, I sent him a text, saying “ A haiku for you.

I will call you soon.

At seven thirty exact

If that’s good for you.”

So, hopefully, that will tell him I’m sincere, lol. I want to eat some dinner before I talk to him, because who knows how long I’ll be on the phone. And I’m hungry!

My sis and I went Christmas shopping, and I got my brother-in-law a book she thought he’d like, and I know what to get her, and I got my niece, her daughter a gift card. Bought myself some slippers because when it was 50° my feet were cold. And I went to Pier 1 and got placemats for my table, and a wreath for my front door with a gift card I’ve had for about 5 years, lol.

It was a fun day with her. Funny how we both got tired of shopping at about the same time. We can both deal with about 3 hours of it, and we’re done. What a great couple of days we had.

Food is almost done, so I guess I’ll go eat. Hope everyone is well.

Love and light to all.

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