About to go to open mic night. It’s been a busy day with dr. appointments, and errands. I got new room darkening shades for my bedroom for when the new windows go in in two weeks. I only have cheap mini-blinds now, that came with the house, and there’s a streetlight out in front of my house. It will be good to have blinds that can block that light.

I got a text from C, who I’m meeting tomorrow night, saying how much he’s looking forward to it. Me too. Still have that good feeling about it. Tonight I’ll see the friend I ran into yesterday, he said he’s coming to open mic to sing. I am sure he’ll sit with me, and my friends. They’ll be glad to see him too. I’m bringing him some cookies.

Got my son’s Christmas package off today. Sent him about 5 dozen cookies, and a bunch of other stuff. I think he’ll be happy!

I’m not happy with the new medication protocal my dr is giving me for diabetes. It’s not doing the trick. I am planning to call him tomorrow and have him get me on something that works. Like my old meds. I hate how drs want to put their own brand on your health. And don’t listen to you. I’ve been diabetic 15 years. I know a little about my own body’s reactions to meds.

I slept last night all night through with no sleep medication, no wine, no nothing. Just relaxed and tired. It was awesome. I am headed in a good direction, since I’ve let go of the things that were causing me aggravation and angst. It took too long to get there, but I’m there. Happy with my life the way it is now.

It was about 75 today. Supposed to be 80’s over the weekend. Crazy awesome weather. I feel for all my friends who are in the polar vortex freezing. My son said out in Denver, he picked up a friend this morning and it was 19. When he got out of his meetings at 2, it was 72. That place is crazy!

I feel like this post is an antidote to the political post I made this morning.  It wasn’t very popular, lol.  But it was something I needed to say.

Keep smilin’. It’s all good. Love and light.


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