Now, More Than Ever

I don’t usually post anything political here, as you know. But this morning, I feel like I have to speak out, speak up, add my voice to the collective voice expressing deep concern over our country’s safety and security. I’m not feeling this is so political, as it is just frightening.

Every morning while I have my coffee, I peruse the news I get in my email, and on FB. The FB news I don’t take too seriously unless it’s from an established valid news source, like the NYTimes or Washington Post. This morning, two articles from the NYTimes caught my eye.  (I’ve put the links for the two articles at the bottom of the post.)

The first was good news. The EPA has reversed it’s decision about fracking causing water pollution. It now believes and agrees that it causes serious issues. This is so important because it is scientific backing, and with Trump coming into office, we need all the help we can get. Trump has vowed to de-regulate fracking, to expand it, because it will, and I paraphrase “untold wealth”. As if wealth is the only factor which should determine whether or not fracking should be allowed.

So, that article made me happy. Even though I know the new administration won’t accept these findings.

Then there was another very lengthy article from the NYTimes, which explains how the Russians hacked us, and why. The thing that most disturbs me is that Trump denies it, that he sides with Putin on the issue. When our own intelligence agencies have actually traced the hacking back to the Kremlin. Trump has so many times expressed what good friends he and Putin are. And I gotta wonder, do they have some unthinkable plans in place for us, when Trump is inaugurated? It’s really really scary.

I am also very disturbed by the complacency shown by those who were hacked, in the beginning. They aren’t complacent now, but when it started and they had a chance to do something, they didn’t. They didn’t investigate the warnings. For instance, they were told by an FBI agent in a phone call that they were being hacked. He called them, because emailing them would have let the Russians know that they knew. The DNC did not really investigate it. They did not have the most up-to-date spyware etc on their servers. It went on for months, before they reacted appropriately. Apparently the amount of documents taken, if printed, would be taller than the Washington Monument.

I also think that we as Americans have a rather false sense of security. Too many of us just leave things for others to do, and assume things will turn out ok. Not even half of us vote. Because we’ve never been invaded, at least, not on the grand scale of most of the world such as Europe during WWI and WWII, have developed this false belief that no one can touch us.

This hacking issue is HUGE, it is cyber warfare of the greatest magnitude.

And now….we have a hacked election, in which the winner did not win the popular vote. We have a president-elect who defies all those who have dedicated their careers to making sure this country is safe. He has formed a cabinet of people who, like him, are part of the 1%, and use only the amount of wealth that can be created as criteria for the value of anything. And he courts friendship with our enemies, with those who like him, seek power for the sake of power and control.

It’s so disturbing. It’s so upsetting.

I have always trusted that the Universe has a greater plan in place than we can see and understand as humans. I am wondering if part of this plan is for us to learn collectively we cannot be complacent in matters that affect us all. We are all one thing. I just don’t know. I don’t know why we had to have Hitler, and I don’t know what the merit of having Trump will be. None, is what I’m terribly afraid of. That I will live to see this country, and the world, plunged into real darkness again.

I hope I am able to regain my trust. I pray that what happens is that the Electoral College will have the wisdom to keep him out of office. I pray that if not, and he’s inaugurated, that he will be exposed by those in Congress who regardless of party, investigate the hacking and maybe he’ll be impeached. I pray that the goodness in most people, regardless of ideology, will rise up and stop this madness.

Love and light, now more than ever.

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7 responses to “Now, More Than Ever

  1. Well put! Everyone should be up in arms! If this hacking had happened in the 1960’s, we would have been under a state of war with Russia… It was rigged alright and he knew it….

  2. I have been hearing about whats going on the in Philippines with that nut case Détente – a “populist” leader who’s been sending out killers to clear the streets of drug users. I read this ghastly article, (also from the NY times posted on FB) about it all, then when I read the comments, by filipinos, mostly supporting him – saying ah well, it doesn’t mater because he’s been so good in other ways! Astonishing! (as if its not bad enough already) How long before they start murdering others they are opposed too? “Bad people” Argh! Phrases like that freak me out – so simplistic and basically dumb!

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