Irritating Phone Calls, but a Good Date

Today I spent an hour on the phone with Sprint, trying to deal with the lease agreement that’s up on my and my son’s phones. They wanted $200 buyout per phone for me to own the phones, after I’ve been paying $20 a month each for 2 years. I got them to knock $150 off the buyout, and will go tomorrow and pay the balance, because it’s the only way to get the $20 a month per phone off my bill, and to own the phones so that my son can switch his phone over to the company he works for, and keep the same phone number. Needless to say, it aggravated me, lol. BAD.

Then I called my dr to tell him that the new meds were not working, and that I’d had far too high glucose readings since I started them, about 2 weeks. His assistant called me back to say that the meds take time to get into your system and they would review them in March when I came into the office. I said, Um, I can’t accept having blood sugar readings that were this high for 3 months. They asked what I suggested. WTF. I said, well if there are no other choices, I’d rather go back on the insulin because my readings were good with that. Geezus. I have to tell them how to treat diabetes?? I am irritated with this. Very much so. But they did call me back and are putting in a prescription for the insulin. Such is life, dealing with an HMO I guess.

Then I washed my car, by hand, and vacuumed the inside. Which turned out to be something I was really glad I did. I did a lot of good cleaning, and putting away of things, and throwing away of things. My bedroom is finally got in it only what I want in it. On to the living room.

I went on a date with C tonight. We met at a restaurant over on St. Pete Beach. He is very nice. He’s considerate, a good conversationalist. The conversation flowed easily as we watched the sunset. I had a glass of wine, he had a beer. I think he was a little nervous, or shy, which is kind of endearing. Then we left in my car and drove a half mile to a private residence that is so lit up with Christmas lights it’s unreal. They put on a light show with music which lasts about an hour. The man who puts it on and owns the house came out to talk to the people watching. There were about a dozen of us.

C paid for the dinner. I had a salad with blackened shrimp on it. Lots of big shrimp, like maybe 10 or so. He had a blackened grouper sandwich. He was very excited about the small plate of cookies I gave him. He is fairly well traveled, he is a Viet Nam vet. He was very proper, opened my car door for me…so unused to that, I wondered what he was doing, lol. No inappropriate conversation. But when we said goodnight we kissed, not passionately, but a real kiss, and we hugged, a real hug. Not lingering, but a nice hug. He sighed… the kind of sigh that says wow that was nice….

He has already texted me asking if I would go out again. I told him I’d like that.

There wasn’t a huge physical connection, but I think there could be. I got so used to the way S is always flirting, and skimming the edge, even when we first met. But then, we connected quickly that way, but not in a lasting way. I want something that lasts. C is a sweet change, I think, from all that drama.  He seems not to be a game player, as I am not,  so that’s a goo place to start.  There are a couple of things that worry me.  I’m afraid that he might be too mainstream for me. I don’t think he gets my sense of humor, yet. We didn’t laugh a lot, but I think he’s nervous, and a little shy, so I’ll go out with him again, and we’ll see where it goes.

SO SO SO much better than the last date, lol.

Tomorrow there’s an artwalk in town, I’ll probably end up going. I’d like to find something else for my sister and brother-in-law for Christmas. Always something to do around here. It’s supposed to be in the low 80’s here tomorrow.

Love and light everyone.

6 responses to “Irritating Phone Calls, but a Good Date

  1. I hate to hear about the issue with your Physician. You shouldn’t have to do Their job. *sighs* I’m glad you got the phones bit resolved, that’s good news! And yay! for the date going well! He sounds like a pretty decent man. 😊

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