Chasing Those Blues Away, Florida Style

I took a walk down by the water this morning. It was warm, almost 80 at 10:30. But there was a gentle southerly breeze blowing. (I know it was southerly because I took my compass on my phone out, lol, to check.) I walked down the fishing pier, and just had to take pics of all the cool sea birds hanging out there.

IMG_3132 (2).JPG

Pelican waiting for breakfast.


The rest of the Pelican family


Sentinels of the Pier

After the pier, I just walked along the beach. There was a yoga class doing yoga on the beach. I really would like to take some yoga once I get settled. I think it would be really good for my arthritis. Although I’ve been lucky lately, and it hasn’t really flared up.


Yoga in the morning

At the beach end of the main street in the commercial district, which is Beach Blvd, is the Gulfport Casino, which hasn’t been a casino in decades, but a dance hall. They kept the name, and it kind of adds character to the town.


The Gulfport Casino Dance Hall

I decided to stop at one of the outdoor cafes on the sidewalk. There are two right next door to each other. I chose the one I have never been to before because they had a keyboard player playing.


Gary, the breakfast keyboard player

My friend Beth is always looking for a keyboard player for Mangia’s open mic night. The last song he played before I left was “Summertime” which is a standard of Beth’s. I walked up and put a couple bucks in his tip jar, and then asked him if he ever did open mic nights. He asked me about it, and turns out he knows the MC of the open mic night. I told him I know my friend is always hoping to find a keyboard player. He said he might check it out. Then he told me the problem is he lives 60 miles from here, but he’s here a lot, playing every Sunday morning and Wednesday night at this cafe, and that he’s really an artist first, and is at every artwalk. He actually began looking familiar to me, so when he told me he has some art on the walls inside the cafe, I went in and looked. I came out and said, “OMG, you are the guy who uses shells!” He does this really cool abstract art, using shells to make shapes. He asked me how I knew that. I said, “because I stopped by your booth at the artwalk and you told me how you do it! And I really like your work!” So he said, “Oh that’s why you look so familiar! He introduced himself and asked my name. When I left, I said I hoped to see him at Mangia’s. He said something about how he hadn’t shaved, lol. Like he was kind of feeling embarrassed, like he didn’t look good suddenly. I said, “I like beards! I think you look fine!” I may take my friend Beth there on Wed night, just to meet him, and hear him play. I think I’d like to see him again anyway, lol. Nice-looking, friendly artsy man.  Seemed sincere, and open. Right up my alley.

Now I’m headed to do some grocery shopping for the stuff I have to make for Christmas. Then, who knows, I may get started on making a new piece of jewelry! I could sit outside and do that!

Life is good. Chased those blues away this morning.

Love and light.

3 responses to “Chasing Those Blues Away, Florida Style

  1. What a beautiful view! I’ve lived in Gulfport my whole like and don’t get tired of it! The Gulfport Casino was actually never a casino at all believe it or not… It was always a meeting place for city officials dating back to 1910 and it was simply used to hold meetings or different sorts. Later on it became a dance hall and that’s what it has been used for every since.

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