You know, sometimes you get what you asked for. Just saying.

I canceled my date tonight. I just went with my gut, I didn’t want to go out with him tonight. I was not completely honest with him, though I will be at some point. I just felt like I would blindside him if I told him the whole truth today, after just making the date with him yesterday.

One of the big reasons was a guy messaged me, and we have been messaging back and forth and really hitting it off. I am way more attracted to him. He’s nice looking, has those killer blue eyes I love, is very active, and tells me outlandish stories that are funny. He has a cool sense of humor. Writes long messages, like me. Not one or two sentences. The guy I broke the date with had blue eyes too, but not the killer kind, lol. This guys eyes were the first thing I noticed, and his seemingly genuine smile. Not so much with the guy I broke the date with.

He seems to be a good guy. He says he is. When he sent his first message, he said he was not one of those serial daters, but is really one of the good guys, and he thinks we have a lot in common. I believe him.  My gut, again, lol.

And even if he’s all fake, I at least went with my gut and didn’t go out with someone just to go out.

I’m very excited because my friend who let me show my jewelry at her gallery exposition in St. Petersburg just called me to say that 2 of the 7 necklaces sold! COOOL! $55 I didn’t expect to get!! I’m starting to get back into the jewelry thing, and have been making a coiled wire now since yesterday. You have to wrap a thin gauge wire around a thicker gauge. It takes a couple hours to get one that’s about 10” long. I’m using bronze wire. It will look pretty cool I think, when I use it to wire wrap a stone. I’ll put up a picture of it when it’s done.

Right now I am just so grateful! Liking this new guy, and happy I have some extra money coming! Whoo Hoo!

Love and light…. 🙂


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